CNN Guest Compares Meghan McCain To OJ Simpson Daughter?

CNN legal analyst Areva Martin somehow associated O.J. Simpson’s daughter Arnelle, to John McCain’s daughter Megan as she tried to explain how both supported their father through hard times.

I don’t think that went over too well. Even Brook Baldwin from CNN had to put a stop to that comparison reminding Martin how the Simpson/McCain subject matters were completely different.

In a certain way, I knew what Martin was talking about but sometimes it’s pertinent to keep some thinking to yourself so you don’t get quoted out of context.

Source: Free Beacon

CNN legal analyst Areva Martin surprised host Brooke Baldwin on Thursday by comparing Arnelle Simpson’s testimony at her father O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing to Meghan McCain’s statement of support after her father, Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.), was diagnosed with brain cancer.

O.J. Simpson’s eldest daughter spoke before the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners on Thursday, urging them to release her father from his 33-year prison sentence for a 2008 conviction on armed robbery, kidnapping, and other charges. She called him her “best friend and my rock.”

After Sen. McCain’s cancer diagnosis went public Wednesday, Meghan McCain, a Fox News commentator, released a statement that her father was her “hero” and her love for him was “boundless,” adding that even the cruelest enemy could not break him.

Martin drew parallels between the two daughters’ statements, visibly surprising Baldwin.

“They reminded me so much of what Senator McCain’s daughter has said about her dad, that he’s her rock, he’s her friend, he’s her confidante, so you heard this very compelling testimony from O.J. Simpson’s daughter,” Martin said.

“Except one of them has brain cancer and the other was convicted of—,” Baldwin said, sounding bemused.

What did you think of Martin’s analysis? Can you make that comparison of how both daughters loved and protected their fathers or is that a stretch? Share in the conversation below in our comments section.

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