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CNN Finally Finds “Person Of Color” To Vouch For Northam — No Racist Bone In His Body

It took them a few days, but CNN has done their diligence and found a person of color to speak up for the embattled Ralph Northam.

Northam already in trouble for his comments defending aborting babies right up until the birth of the child got more buried in the mud when a photo from his medical yearbook was unearthed showing an individual in blackface and another wearing a Ku Klux Klan official outfit.

Late Friday evening, Northam apologized for the photo and looked to move on from it. On Saturday, he held a press conference claiming he wasn’t in the photo and added the only time he dressed up in any blackface, it was as Michael Jackson.

Late Monday night, CNN pushed Carla Savage-Wells on the stage to save Northam. She says that she is his childhood friend and the governor doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.

Carla Savage-Wells is a childhood friend of  Ralph Northam and campaigned for him. She is also defending the embattled Virginia governor.

Speaking with CNN’s Chris Cuomo Monday night, she said it was “completely inaccurate” to describe Northam as someone who does not like black people.

“You’ve had so many people to say that they have not seen a racist bone in his body and I can attest to that from 1972,” Savage-Wells told Cuomo.

She then said she agrees if Northam quits now he will be branded a racist for life.

Source: Mediaite

We’re talking about a former candidate (Northam) who refused to shake a black candidate E.W. Jackson during a T.V. debate? Is she serious? The debate from a couple of years ago throws her statement out the window and into the trash.

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Friends and neighbors say the same thing about school shooters and even that killer in Vegas and they are always wrong. We have photographic evidence of this man’s idiocy and racism, plus he’s admitted to doing it another time.

I don’t know who CNN is trying to fool, but they are reaching with this woman. Honestly, it makes Northam looks worse for putting his black childhood friend out there to defend him.

‘No racist bone in his body?” I don’t know if Northam is racist or not but CNN is pitiful for showing their hand and protecting someone that is knee deep in trouble. He should have stayed with his original apology and left it at that. Now, he has no chance.


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