CNN Won’t Stop! They Just Diagnosed Donald Trump With Heart Disease

CNN’s fascination with President Trump and their Moby Dick approach to take him down hit a new low with this latest video.

During yesterday’s press conference, the WH physician gave President Trump a clean bill of health while informing the media press; he was ok to finish this term and run for another. That wasn’t good enough for CNN who deployed their in-house physician, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, to make his own personal analysis and like clockwork, he went further and negative.

Dr. Ronny Jackson is the President’s physician who puts Trump to whatever test he needed to come to his conclusion. Gupta hasn’t tested Trump for anything so this is just another network hit job.

“When you’re talking about excellent health, you’re also talking about someone who has known heart disease, who has high cholesterol and needs medication for that cholesterol, and is borderline obese,” Gupta said, doubting the doctor’s examination.

The CNN doctor then admitted that all cardiological tests showed no signs of heart disease. Nevertheless, Gupta felt comfortable diagnosing the president with the ailment to their audience, thus adding doubt in the minds of their phantom watchers.

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There’s a huge reason why people have stopped watching CNN, and this is part of it. This network can’t get out of its way promoting negative news against Trump. They hate him so much; they are up early in the morning coming up with ways to go after him and deliver to you hollow victories that come back manufactured.

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