CNN Cuomo Tries Jedi Mind Trick — Trump’s Dislike For Media Shows Hate Toward Americans

When things aren’t going your way, and your news network can’t get higher ratings than the food network, you pull out all stops.

CNN host Chris Cuomo is trying to use a Jedi mind trick claiming that Pres. Trump’s war against the liberal media is a war against Americans. How can that be? Americans don’t even watch this type of 24/7 opposition media.

Chris is delusional. I think he needs meds for a panic disorder because this video shows one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Whoopi Goldberg is actually the extreme. Does anyone know if they have they come up with a pill to help with TDS because this guy is in the final stages?

Source: Daily Wire

Most importantly, it is an admission that you hate your country,” Cuomo lamented before going on to say that Trump’s comments were similar to murderous regimes around the world. Quite oddly, the CNN anchor referenced the French Revolution, an atheistic uprising that murdered thousands of Christians:

You know this phrase was an operative threat to murder opposition in the French revolution, right? You know Khrushchev identified the phrase as part of a campaign to annihilate individuals, literally, who disagreed with the supreme leader. His predecessor, Stalin used it specifically with artists and thinkers that threatened his narrow views of humanity. Did you know Mao used it during his murderous campaigns?

America, the country you lead, was formed in defiance of strongmen, bullies, and the idea that might makes right.

Cuomo even went on to suggest that President Trump wants members of the press killed. “I know in the past, you’ve tried to play that you respect the media, and that you know we’re important,” he scoffed. “You know, like you said that when a bunch of us got murdered! But it didn’t take long to come back to this. I knew you didn’t lower those flags after the Maryland newspaper shooting right away for a reason.”

Chris, you are clearly biased and dare I say, have a bit of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Your logic is not logical.

Extremist and Zealot leftists who have absolutely no interest in helping this country, they would burn anything related to conservatives and Republicans to the ground in a heartbeat if they could get away with it.

Neither Pres. Trump or I hate America; we just hate people that lie to or about us. Neither of us would call you fake news if you told the truth. Somehow you don’t seem capable of that.

There’s a difference between not agreeing with someone and out and out lying. The left doesn’t understand that Trump just doesn’t care for liars, but then who does? The left lies all the time. It’s strange he mentioned Trump wanting people in the press to be killed when for some reason people keep dying around Hillary.

Trump is the one who loves this country; he’s the only one trying to stop the invasion from the southern border. Cuomo would do anyway with our borders if he could, but he’s a wealthy liberal so he can afford it.

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