Court Rules Defamation Lawsuit Against CNN’s Anderson Cooper Will Go Forward!

CNN’s Anderson Cooper tried to get a defamation lawsuit thrown out of court, but the Judge just ruled the case will go forward.

It doesn’t pay to work for CNN these days. It seems as if lawsuits are finding their way to their Atlanta headquarters on a regular basis. CNN is being sued for by 175 black employees for racial discrimination and now Cooper is in trouble for defaming a doctor, which he probably did.

Source: Daily Mail

CNN’s Anderson Cooper failed to have a defamation lawsuit claiming he sensationalized a story about dead babies thrown out of court.

The judge argued the Florida doctor who is suing the network showed enough evidence to move forward with his legal battle on April 28.

Anderson Cooper 360 ran segments that focused on the program and Dr. Black, which he claimed were fictitious in his defamation suit.

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The network published Black’s photo and a headline that implied he treated ‘babies as sacrificial lambs’ and claimed he made a ‘total mess with newborn babies.’

Black accused the CNN of ‘reckless disregard for the truth’ by miscalculating the mortality rate for the program at St. Mary’s.

He believes CNN had a preconceived goal in reporting its story, ‘to manufacture an outrageous, headline-grabbing story about an incompetent, dishonest and inexperienced doctor leading a surgical program in crisis and recklessly operating on young children to profit at the expense of those children’s lives.’

Cooper aired pieces about the hospital on the network. They ran the headline ‘Secret Deaths: CNN Finds High Surgical Death Rate for Children at a Florida Hospital.’

Hopefully, the doctor gets his name back after this is all over. CNN and their anchors and reporters have crossed the line many times against their guests and it’s time they are called out and held accountable for it.

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