CNN Confirms Judge Napolitano Story; British Intel Gave Obama Info On Trump!

Judge Andrew Napolitano is in the clear! CNN, in trying get Carter Page, the network uncovered that British Intel gave Barack Obama information on Trump!

Fox News owes Judge Nap some back pay after this! Once again the collection of the information was incidental and the intelligence agencies gave it to the Obama administration which in turn allegedly gave it to many agencies.

Obama’s in trouble too. This is huge and all the while, CNN was trying to take down Page.

CNN confirms:

British and other European intelligence agencies intercepted communications between associates of Donald Trump and Russian officials and other Russian individuals during the campaign and passed on those communications to their US counterparts, US congressional and law enforcement and US and European intelligence sources tell CNN.

The communications were captured during routine surveillance of Russian officials and other Russians known to western intelligence. British and European intelligence agencies, including GCHQ, the British intelligence agency responsible for communications surveillance, were not proactively targeting members of the Trump team but rather picked up these communications during what’s known as “incidental collection,” these sources tell CNN.

The European intelligence agencies detected multiple communications over several months between the Trump associates and Russian individuals — and passed on that intelligence to the US. The US and Britain are part of the so-called “Five Eyes” agreement (along with Canada, Australia and New Zealand), which calls for open sharing among member nations of a broad range of intelligence.

Watch this:

This is a bombshell designated to play in the evening so many eyes won’t be able to see but I think you should be sharing this asap.

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