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Rep. Mo Brooks SLAMS CNN: How Many More Dead People Before You Consider Border Issue An Emergency

I watched this entire interview this morning as I was shifting channels and when I saw Rep. Mo Brooks take on one of CNN’s desk reporters for a tense exchange.

Watching this go down wasn’t about the entertaining part of the conversation, but the CNN’s John Berman kept asking for examples and Brooks didn’t hold back. Brooks was on point with his responses, and he had Berman sweating.

Berman tried to back Brooks into a corner on whether or not Pres. Trump could declare a National Emergency on the border crisis, and that was his mistake.

The Alabama Republican argued the circumstances are different, stating there is a “national emergency of major proportions” at the border.

“So if you want to talk apples and apples, let’s do it, but don’t make up stuff and try to mislead the public,” Brooks added.

“What’s the emergency?” Berman pressed.

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Brooks citing the numbers of homicides committed by illegal immigrants, as well as drug overdoses and the quantity of illegal drugs entering the United States from Mexico.

“How many dead people do you need to have John before you consider it an emergency!?” Brooks exclaimed.

Source: Mediaite

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