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CNN Blitzer Asks Dem Rep Will Dems Look To Throw The Attorney General In Jail?

CNN Anchor Wolf Blitzer is at it again.

Just a few weeks ago, when the Mueller Report findings concluded that there was no collusion between Russia and President Trump, Blitzer was asking Democrat Reps if they were still looking to impeach President Trump. I was stunned, not shocked that only moments after the news came down, CNN’s old man was testing the waters to see if Dems still had enough to take down Trump.

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Now Blitzer is moving on to see if Democrats have enough to put Attorney General William Barr in jail for not complying with the House Judiciary subpoenas. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries seemed to put the brakes on that idea.

Jeffries informed the crazed Blitzer that the Judiciary committee is considering holding Barr in contempt of Congress. He also said  that Democrats have to: “make sure we do not allow this administration to move us away from our democratic republic and to speed toward a dictatorship because we have an individual sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue who clearly has some authoritarian tendencies.”

BLITZER: “If Nadler moves forward and your leadership moves forward with contempt, and they still refuse to comply, what do you do next, how do you get this thing moving? Do you impose fines, do you suggest maybe even as some have said jail time for the Attorney General of the United States?”

JEFFERIES: “Jail time is not something that I believe is being seriously contemplated,”

Time for Blitzer to retire. Arguably the most ridiculous ignorant commentary out of CNN ever, or at least this week.

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The left and their media enablers are scared to death of Barr. They were able to convince weak-kneed Jeff Sessions to recuse himself, however after Barr saying publicly that Trump campaign was spied on they are in full panic mode. The attacks on Barr will increase, the sky screamers will be demanding blood, in a patently absurd display of hyperbole.

They must discredit Barr, because the other shoe is about to drop, and the investigation will turn on the previous administration, including Hillary Clinton. We must find out, for the sake of the country, how all of this started. We should all be concerned about this, liberal and conservative.




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