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CNN’s Camerota Badgers CPAC’s Schlapp About NRA Chairman Speech

Let’s be serious! I thought it was a pretty good speech, not sure what triggered Alisyn Comerota unless it was the hateful CNN powers that be who scripted her questions.

The CNN klan has been promoting the gun control issue as hard as they did the fake Russian collusion narrative for the last year.

CNN allegedly has been scripting questions against the conservative right on the issue of gun control even though they deny it.

Source: Mediaite

Schlapp defended the Parkland, Florida victims and their families, saying their hearts are in the right place in trying to address gun violence.

“I think it’s time to listen more…and work together” Schlapp said, to which Camerota retorted “why is Wayne LaPierre stoking that division?”

“I think he’s defending the Second Amendment,” Schlapp said.

Camerota continued to hold Schlapp’s feet to the fire over LaPierre’s comment that people calling for gun control “hate freedom,” as the CPAC organizer defended the right to bear arms.

The back and forth even included a moment in which Schlapp accused Camerota of “blaming Indianians for the crime in Chicago.”

Hey CNN, when you hate the second amendment, you hate the constitution and ultimately hate freedom that comes with both.

The NRA is an awesome organization whose mission is to maintain the 2nd Amendment in the strongest possible ways which helps protect all Americans. The NRA has Freedom Speech and Freedom of Advocacy as do other groups and its members do not discriminate like CNN does which is why I call them the klan.

I think it was proper for the NRA to speak at CPAC because conservatives believe in protecting Americans even though CNN has a problem with it.

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