CNN Asks GOP Women If They Believe Kavanaugh And I’m Sure Their Jaws Dropped!

CNN didn’t vet this crew that well if they were trying to upset the apple cart.

Why not believe Judge Brett Kavanaugh?  He has already gone on the record that the allegation is totally false. He should not appear before the committee again for questioning until after Christine Blasey Ford has been sworn in and questioned by Judiciary Committee.

The reason Ford’s attorney wants her to not be in the room at the same time as Judge Kavanaugh is to reinforce among the party faithful that she is in pain and vulnerable, meaning to convey that she is telling the truth. For them, the “emotional truth” is more important than the “actual truth,” and I smell a trap.

Who else gets to make such devastating accusations and not have to confront, let alone be in the same room as, the accused? She’s had 36 years to prepare for this; Kavanaugh: what, about a week, and needed a minute to say it didn’t happen.

Source: Daily Wire

CNN interviewed a group of Republican women in Florida for a segment that aired on Thursday night about whether they believe Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s denial that he ever engaged in any kind of sexual misconduct with Christine Blasey Ford.

“A show of hands, how many of you believe Judge Kavanaugh when he says this didn’t happen?” CNN’s Randi Kaye asked.

All five women raised their hands.

“How can we believe the word of a woman from something that happened 36 years ago?” Castillo De La Pena responded. “This guy has an impeccable reputation. Nobody, nobody that has spoken ill will about him. Everyone that speaks about him. This guy’s an altar boy, a scout. Because one woman made an allegation? Sorry, I don’t buy it.”

“In the grand scheme of things, my goodness, there was no intercourse,” Inna Villarino added. “There was maybe a touch. Can we — really? 36 years and she’s still stuck on that?”

In a normal court of law, the accuser always testifies first. The reason is the burden of proof lies with the prosecution and not the defense. While it’s an unfortunate situation we’ve been thrust into I am certain we are here because of Mrs. Ford’s actions. 30 days prior to any leaks from the Senate, Mrs. Ford sat for an interview with the Washington Post which begs the simple question of her want for anonymity. Additionally, she has provided very few details if any of the incident which seems like a classic lawyer trick to corner Mr. Kavanaugh.

I would allow her to testify any day next week, I would force an independent counsel to question her, and I would make sure she goes first as she is the accuser. She can be questioned in private or in public as the venue is unimportant to reveal the truth.

That is fair.

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