Watch Huckabee-Sanders Skip CNN’s Activist Acosta For Third Day In A Row

CNN keeps sending him knowing he is not going to get a question, they just want to show the clip and get a panel to discuss their victimhood at the hands of the brutal trump bullies.

Sarah Sanders turning her back and walking out of the press conference after giving her salutations was precisely the way Acosta should be treated for his constant interruptions, his lengthy shouting, and his petulant tantrums.

Eventually, you would think CNN would get the message and replace him if they want to be recognized for a question. Just proves how dense the network is.

Source: Daily Caller

Sarah Sanders took to the press podium Monday afternoon to answer a diverse range of questions from a multitude of news outlets. One outlet that was not called upon was CNN. CNN’s White House reporter, Jim Acosta, shouted at Sanders as she said her salutations to the room.

“Sarah, this is the third briefing that you’ve not taken a question from CNN,” Acosta whined, before shouting something unintelligible about the Justice Department.

I strongly believe it is appropriate not to call on a reporter that has become an activist. Acosta is clearly no longer a reporter, and he attacks anyone behind the podium to become the victim for his analysis and breakdowns.

The White House message should be “Send a reporter, and we will call upon them. Sean Hannity doesn’t get questions at press briefings, neither does Jim Acosta.” On one hand, you would think that the White House would just pull Acosta’s press credentials, he is so obnoxious. The option of public humiliation, however, would seem a better approach.

If I were advising Trump, I would have given these idiots in the room a list of manners and reward with the opportunity to ask questions which show at least some degree of civility and respect. For continued non-compliance with the behavioral expectation, the permit to attend these briefings should be cancelled first for the person and then if needed for the entire network!

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