Election 2020

[VIDEO] Wolf Blizter Clueless on Live TV as CNN Makes Another Embarrassing Blunder

CNN has one job to do…”report” the news. They never get it right. But sometimes they get it so embarrassingly wrong that it’s worth a laugh.

And that’s precisely what happened on Tuesday night at the Dem primary results started to roll in.

They called Missouri right way….but for the wrong person.

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It was Joe Biden who won, but the graphic was a big smiling face of Bernie Sanders with a little “red check” in the box.

Wolf Blitzer was stammering all over the place when the screen suddenly went black, Bernie’s face disappeared and Biden emerged moments later.

What kind of rinky-dink three-ring-circus are they running over there?

You can watch the video below:

It’s almost as if CNN simply can’t NOT spread fake news.🤣

It’s in their blood and part of their DNA.

In the end, Biden had another big night, essentially ending Bernie Sanders run for the White House.

Bernie canceled his Cleavland rally set for tonight (citing Coronavirus – yeah right lol) and headed back to Vermont.

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He’ll likely drop out of the race soon…and if he endorses Joe Biden you can bet he’ll be asking for another lake house.


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