Clooney, Damon Talk About Weinstein; They Deserve Oscar Nominations For This!

Actors George Clooney and Matt Damon both joined Good Morning America to speak on their relationship with Harvey Weinstein and his sexual assault allegations.

During the conversation, Damon said he knew about Gweneth Paltrow’s incident from friend Ben Affleck when he was dating her but she never spoke about it to him and they performed in a picture together, “The Talented Mr. Ripley.”

It seems these two men are trying to clear their conscious of the incident and salvage themselves from any blame most of us are putting on Hollywood as a whole. Clooney said Weinstein told him about the women he had affairs with but he didn’t believe him because of the women were his friends.

So now it’s beyond infuriating but not back when they were making movies because Weinstein was their meal ticket to stardom. I wonder if they know anything about James Tobak? Over 30 women have come out about him (Related Article: 30 Women Come Forward With Sexual Allegations About Another Hollywood Director!)

Many will see this as lying for damage control. Mostly everyone in Hollywood had to know about Weinstein’s appetite for sexually abusing women. Some of the women that escaped him have said they were told about him by friends and to stay away from him so we know individuals were giving out warnings about him. But I guess, these two have just cleaned their slates to America and that makes them innocent? Pathetic.

How can they play so dumb when they were sitting on the same casting couch? Good acting by those two. Maybe they didn’t know all the details, but all these other stars seem to have been aware. It is hard to believe that these two giant actors didn’t know more, just based on the circles they run in.

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