Long-time Clinton supporter finds it difficult to list any Hillary accomplishments at State Dept

Former Clinton White House Counsel Lanny Davis joined Hugh Hewitt on his radio program and when asked about Hillary’s achievements at the State Department, he struggled to list any. I found this part of the interview hard to listen to. For someone who supports the Clintons the way Davis does, he should be able to speak on Hillary’s accomplishments with ease and detail. But that’s not what happened.

Transcript via Hugh Hewitt

HH: All right, one question, you’ve got a minute. Summarize for me what she accomplished as Secretary of State.

LD: Well, the biggest thing of all is goodwill around the world, which is what secretaries of State do.

HH: Like in Syria…

LD: I don’t know what any secretary of State…

HH: …and Egypt and Libya?

LD: I don’t know, well, Libya and certainly the intervention in Libya and getting rid of Qaddafi, you would say that’s a pretty good achievement for the President. But these are presidential achievements with a partnership of the secretary of State. What do secretaries of State do? For example, she was very instrumental in the details of the Iranian sanctions program, which has produced, apparently, some results. I’m very skeptical about this deal in Iran on the nuclear weaponry. But the credit she deserves on this sanctions program, which literally was her program in the State Department to enforce, but in partnership with Barack Obama.

HH: So her achievement is that…

LD: But this doesn’t change the question about the secretary of State having achievement. This is a secretary of State is the most popular woman in the world and restored relations with everyone in the world.

HH: All right, Lanny, we’re out of time, but your achievement is one that’s been swept away by the President.

End of interview.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

I contend that Hillary has been the worst Secretary of State we have had, however, I think John Kerry will soon make her look competent. That for another discussion.

(Left) Lanny Davis, (Right) Hillary Clinton
(Left) Lanny Davis, (Right) Hillary Clinton

It would be kind of me to say that Hillary Clinton has been a complete disaster as Secretary of State. Just take a look at her record. She lost Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen, cut and ran in Iraq and Afghanistan, allowed Iran to pursue a nuclear weapon strategy while funding Hezbollah in Lebanon and al Qaeda in Syria, where there will be a terrorist state or a strengthened Assad regime. Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are surrounded by radical Islam, something she dared not to address with any boldness while in office. “Democratic” uprisings in Iran and Syria were met with silence. Iranian warships ply the Suez Canal and sail the Atlantic Ocean. Before we know it, the mullahs will have nuclear weapons. And let us not forget that she was in charge of the insufficiently secured US Consulate in Benghazi which resulted in US citizens being attacked and murdered.

That’s just a brief overview of her Middle East accomplishments. In Europe she pulled the plug on missile defense after Poland and Czech Republic had agreed to accept forward sites. I could go on, but I’ll save it because, to loosely quote Mrs. Clinton herself, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Wayne Dupree

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