Clinton In Trouble! – Poll Shows 24% Of Voters In This Liberal State Switching

Come on America! You didn’t think that everyone was going to continue to support Hillary Clinton after the FBI re-opened her criminal investigation 11 days before the General Election did you.

You can only push people so far with lies and bad news before some wake-up and decide to make an informed decision based on real facts.

This poll was created on Friday after FBI Director James Comey sent letters all over Washington, DC informing Congressional leaders he was re-opening the Clinton investigation due to new information that came to light.


Democrats are not happy Comey did this because they are saying he’s affecting the election for the Republicans. However, if he was conducting this investigation and didn’t tell anyone and it came out after the election and Hillary won, he would be in a huge amount of trouble.

Liberals don’t get that.

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Hillary was fired by her law firm during the Watergate scandal for being incompetent, lying and violating the constitution, Hillary deleted 30,000 official e-mails from her insecure personal server, some of which led the enemy to our soldiers in Benghazi as she was disclosing their location.

Hillary has changed her stance on gay marriage to get more votes as well as her views on NAFTA. Hillary has blatantly lied in press conferences about the FBI investigation of her and her criminal activity, and according to Obama, she will say anything to get elected.

When will people wake up to the corporate corruption of career politicians?

I am appalled that some people could even consider voting for Hillary. Please do a little research into the Clinton Foundation and how many lives it has destroyed across the globe so that Bill and that Hillary could live the good life. They don’t care who goes cold and hungry or all the men, women, and children who have died so they could get a few million more tossed their way.

If you vote for her, then I feel obligated to say that, that blood is on your hands too.

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Wayne Dupree

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