Clinton Ally Now Pushing Lie To Americans: School Choice Will Bring Back Segregation

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Democrats are now saying school choice will bring back segregation. This attempt is meant to reach low information voters and shape their thinking as most aren’t experienced in researching the other side of the story.

Felicia Wong, a member of the Clinton Crime Family, has publicly decided to go down this road in an attempt to blur the lines for many single moms who want school choice for their children.

Public education run by the government has been a major disaster for many urban cities across America, and that’s just the truth. Any progress done by Republicans for black Americans will be turned into some form of reverse racism by the Democrats, and you need to be on the front lines shutting that lie down everytime you get a chance.

From Daily Caller:

Senators who support Betsy DeVos for education secretary are supporting the “resegregation” of schools, according to Felicia Wong, a Clinton ally and president of the Roosevelt Institute.

Now, Wong is leading the charge against DeVos, Trump’s nominee for education secretary. In a column for CNN on Monday Wong argued that DeVos’s support for school choice — which proponents argue helps minority students by allowing them to attend otherwise unaffordable private schools — is akin to supporting resegregation of schools.

Wong claims that “so much of the current movement in favor of school choice and religious education carries the stain of racial animosity, even in dog-whistle form.” School choice, she claims is about “the kind of ‘freedom’ associated with the flight away from integration and toward racial isolation.” According to Wong, DeVos’s support for school choice means she would be “a Secretary of Education associated with a more exclusive and racially exclusionary vision.”

Wong’s article leaves out the fact that Hillary Clinton used to support charter schools. The Wall Street Journal editorial board argued last July that Clinton’s flip-flop on charter schools was a political forfeit to powerful teacher’s unions.

Democrats don’t deal in facts; they deal in lies. That’s how they have sustained the oldest, most evil racist political party for decades. They are experts in turning around the truth for their benefit, and we have to keep fighting back against them every time we get a chance.

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