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[VIDEO] Clapper Appeared on CNN and Implicated Obama in #SpyGate ‘Should We Have Blown Off What Obama Told Us To Do?’

Is James Clapper trying tp provide cover for himself, just as AG Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham investigate the investigators of the Russia hoax? That’s what it sounded like, after a CNN appearance went strangely wrong, when Clapper was asked about the investigation into #SpyGate.

Clapper spoke with CNN’s,¬† Jim Sciutto, who asked him about the probe into the intel communities possible misdeeds regarding FISA warrants and Russian meddling. Clapper, appeared visibly uncomfortable as he stammered through his response about whether the intel community did anything “wrong.”

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Clapper hemmed and hawed a bit, and then said that he didn’t “think” they did anything wrong – he then blathered on about they were just trying to stop the horrific “election meddling” that was happening¬† – reminder to everyone reading this – Obama actually ignored the election meddling, for fear that when Hillary won, Trump would claim her presidency was “illegitimate.”

Clapper then went on to ask this very interesting question – and he posed almost as an excuse – he said, “what were we supposed to do, just blow off what Obama told us to do?”

Clappers not going down alone, that’s for sure.

Clapper continued on, and explained what Obama wanted the intel community to do.

He said they were told to assemble all of the reporting they could, into one report that the president could pass on to Congress. Oh, and by the way, Obama declassified all of it, so it could be viewed by the public (and blasted by the media…the “insurance policy”).

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The big question now is, what “reporting” did Obama ask them to do?

Clapper then told Sciutto that it was now “disconcerting” to be investigated for all of this.

He’s shook.

The comments I am referencing begin at the 6:24 mark.

Watch the video below:

It’s clear that Brennan and Clapper are both nervous over being investigated. Brennan appears more belligerent and offended by it, while Clapper seems more worried and wounded.

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