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City Employee Fired After Announcing Plans To Run For Mayor

Jaquita Riley jumped on her Facebook Live and told her friends, family, and followers that she planned to run for Mayor of Seat Pleasant, MD.

Now she is jobless. Riley claims she was fired for announcing her run for the Mayoral office. Riley didn’t know she was fired until she tried to enter the government facility the day after her announcement and she wasn’t given access. She has been an employee for the last two years.

Riley worked for the city for two years until Wednesday morning.

“I was humiliated and treated like a criminal, being escorted to my car,” she said. “I’m a resident here.”

She said an email was sent to all city employees telling them she was not allowed in government buildings, including the city’s police department, where she was an assistant.

“I already knew that I was going to receive backlash for my announcement,” Riley said. [NBC Washington]

But is that the end of the story?

The city responded to the allegations of firing Riley after she announced her plans to run for Mayor with this statement:

“An administrative investigation was initiated by The City of Seat Pleasant Government for an employee that was temporarily assigned to the police department. The emphasis of the investigation focused on alleged acts of misconduct of a serious nature committed by the employee.

The current Mayor, Eugene Grant, who has held the office since 2004 responded to the allegations that she had been fired because she announced her run. It seems Grant knows why Riley was let go, but he’s not giving any more information about the matter, claiming other things were going on that played out.

If we find any more information on this story, we will update it as we get it.


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