Citing Media ‘Double Standard’ on Foreign Policy, Romney Advisor on Attack!!!

Then Illinois Junior Senator Barry Soetoro

GOP strategist Ari Fleischer set the record straight about the media infatuation with Mitt Romney’s statements on the embassy attacks. On Wednesday’s Anderson Cooper 360, he called out the media’s “double standard” and defended Romney’s criticism of the Obama administration.

“In fact in July, 2008, nine servicemen were killed in one day in Afghanistan. On that very day, Barack Obama weighed in to criticize George Bush and John McCain’s foreign policy. And I don’t remember any of this media double standard saying to Senator Obama, isn’t it inappropriate for you to criticize the foreign policy of the person you’re running against on a day when people died? It’s a double standard,” insisted Fleischer.

“Debates about foreign policy are an absolute vital part of our democracy and I don’t know why the media is rushing to criticize Mitt Romney for criticizing a foreign policy when they did not do that to Barack Obama or John Kerry when they exercised their right to criticize Republican foreign policy,” stated Fleischer.

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