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Schumer Runs To Media — The President Got Up And Walked Out

Have you ever seen so many baby politicians run to the media to tell on the President?

This is the first US President (or candidate in both parties) in 5+ decades which had not been pre-approved or controlled by the globalists. They slipped, misjudged the electorate, and an honest man got elected. That is exactly why their hair is on fire.

“Unfortunately, the president just got up and walked out. He asked Speaker Pelosi, ‘Will you agree to my wall?’ She said no. And he just got up and said, ‘Then we have nothing to discuss,’ and he just walked out”

When did Schumer turn into a tattletale? Trump was right to do what he did. There is nothing to discuss and I am not alone with that sentiment.

Anyone remember when Nancy Pelosi turned the lights out and walked out the door on the Republicans when they wouldn’t give in to the Democrats? It was during Obama’s first year in office. But everything is okay when they do it because – well – they always have a good reason and are always justified.

The US taxpayers paid for a wall to be built in Jordan to protect Jordanians; we’re also funding overseas abortions in other countries, not to mention lots of financial aid to other countries that tend to get put into the pockets of their leaders. But we can’t afford to protect our own citizens, or just refuse to protect them. Where is the logic in this?

If there is one thing I have noticed, the more they try to bash and crucify Trump, the more his supporters stick by him. The trash media is desperate to peel off his supporters and for those who don’t believe me, take a day and watch how the opposition media speaks. At least once a day they act like they care for the Trump supporters and ask each other what will it take for the President’s supporters to see what we’re reporting or trying to enlighten them on.

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