Christine Pelosi Acted Like She Couldn’t Hear Maria Bartiromo But We Know Different!

I watched this entire video, and I gave Christine Pelosi the benefit of the doubt for the first few minutes and then I looked at the rest of the video interview with Fox News Maria Bartiromo and Pelosi blatantly overtalked her host.

As you know and I know from experience, you might miss some questions coming in through your ear piece but Pelosi was making it a point to get her point over in a rude way, and that takes a skilled person to do so. No, I do not admire Pelosi but for you to keep going and not lose your point takes craft and liberals do that all the time and are never called out on it.

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Watch the video below and notice when Pelosi is called out for her rude behavior, she starts to wait for Bartiromo to finish her question before she answers, which could have been done earlier. Pelosi decided she was going to go on this interview and act like an ass and that’s what she did.

From Daily Caller:

Christine Pelosi’s Friday morning interview on Fox Business quickly devolved into an all-out screaming match with host Maria Bartiromo.

The Democratic campaign strategist — and daughter of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — started by talking about the Russian government’s involvement in hacks of the DNC and RNC, yet refused to yield time for Bartiromo to offer any questions.

“Let’s not talk on top of each other, Christine,” Bartiromo stated in an attempt to regain control of the segment. “Christine! Wohooo! Christine! Hello?”

Some of you or shall I say most of you will be angry at the way Pelosi acted and you are justified to feel that way. How would you have treated Pelosi if you were holding this interview?

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