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Christie to Wallace: NY Times Doesn’t Have Any Proof Trump Didn’t Pay Taxes

Everyone on the left is angry, but Donald Trump didn’t break the law with his taxes, a law they created. A law Hillary Clinton firmly bypassed by putting $100 million into the Clinton Foundation, but we can’t understand that as we are part of the uneducated minions.

I’m confused why Trump’s tax returns, which by definition are LEGAL, somehow make him look bad. This seems like a “current office” issue to me, but maybe I am missing something.

On Sunday, Chris Christie defended Trump against Chris Wallace’s badgering that Trump didn’t do anything illegal. He went on to say that the laws were in place and Trump was smart for using them to his advantage for his company just like any other businessman would do.

From Fox News:

The New York Times reported Saturday on the tax return and stated the reported loss could mean Trump won’t have to pay federal taxes for nearly 20 years, citing leaked copies of his tax records.

“For gosh sakes, no apologies,” Christie said on “Fox News Sunday,” reiterating that the story said only that the loss could allow him to not pay federal taxes in the following years.

“This was actually a very, very good story for him,” Christie continued. “You don’t know that he didn’t pay taxes. Let’s be precise about what [the story] said.”

Christie argue the U.S. tax code is an “absolute mess” and that “there’s no one better [than Trump] to fix it.”

He also argued that the tax return suggests how Trump, a first-time candidate and New York real estate mogul, was able to survive the sharp economic downturn of the mid-1990s and make the “comeback” that he has.

Christie is right and so was Trump as a Fiduciary to do what’s best for his company and if taking advantage of our worthless tax code is part of his responsibility that takes advantage of it he must. Just like Cuban, Buffet, Soros, Clinton’s and yes myself do, your foolish if you don’t. Hillary deducted a little over a million dollars of donations to which she donated the million to her charity. No one is screaming about that why not?

Blame the IRS and the tax codes not Trump, if one thing was off on his returns the government would be all over him.

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