Christie RIPS the GOP for not condemning candidates going back on pledges [VIDEO]

Any GOP candidate saying they won’t support the person who gets a majority of the delegates should be flushed down the toilet now. Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov. John Kasich could all just as easily say if it’s Trump they won’t play. That means Hillary wins.

I support Trump, but Trump was to lose somehow fairly I have publicly stated I would support the GOP nominee. However, these imbeciles want to make news and think Republican voters will side with them if they stand up for the people’s choice have another thing coming.

Governor Chris Christie spoke to the GOP today and ripped them a new one

I think most individuals who go to the convention will be bound by their state’s results on the first ballot, so if anybody, whether Donald Trump or Ted Cruz… or whoever could get to 1,237, they should be the nominee.

I find it interesting, as it applies to Donald in particular, that all the rage back in July and August, and I remember having to do this actually on TV, was to sign a pledge, it said, ‘I would support the eventual Republican nominee.’ Now, I think that was done because, at the time, Donald was talking about, well, if it’s no the fair to me, I may run as a third party.

So the national party required everyone of us as a condition of being in the debates to sign a loyalty pledge to whoever the nominee was going to be. Now, those very same people who made us sign the loyalty pledge are now saying, well, maybe we shouldn’t follow what the voters decide to do. I find that ironic and somewhat hypocritical.

The fact is, we’re public officials. We serve the public. And they get to elect who they want to nominate. And so you know, I’m not saying that, you know, let’s say, anybody, let’s say, Ted Cruz, take it out of the person I’ve endorsed, let’s say Ted Cruz got to 1,100 delegates, and he had more than Donald Trump or anybody else, and he were close, I think it would be very hard being 100 [delegates] or so short to say to Ted Cruz, you can’t be the nominee.

Watch the rest here in the video below:

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