Chris Wallace goes after Christie on Rubio Senate absences: Who are you to criticize?

Fox News host Chris Wallace is really starting to get on people’s nerve. He is trying to live up to his father’s (Mike Wallace) reputation but all he does is come off as a smarmy, “gotcha type” media hack.

When Fox talks about being Fair & Balanced they must be thinking about Wallace being the “balance” on the low-life side of the network.

This interview with GOP candidate Chris Christie seemed to be digging at the N.J. Governor for attempting to smear fellow candidate Marco Rubio.

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Wallace: You’ve been away from New Jersey for all or part of 72% of the time since you announced you were running for president. When you look at the total, over 200 days in 2015, which raises the question — who are you to criticize?

Christie: I’m on the job every day, Chris. This is the difference between being a governor and being a senator. I’m on the job every day. Senator Rubio just hasn’t shown up to vote. Listen, I understand he can’t be there every day, he’s running for president. I get that, but there was a $1.15 trillion spending bill which he said he was absolutely opposed to. I would think he would take one day off of fund-raising to cast his no vote and speak on the floor to try to persuade his colleagues, but anybody who has been a governor, and I understand anyone who hasn’t don’t understand this, I am on the job every day, no matter where I am, it’s never a day off, and I’m always working to help the people of New Jersey.

After watching this video, let us know if you thought Wallace was running defense for Rubio. Check out the video here:

What do you think about this interview? Are you supposed to question a candidate like this while seemingly protecting another? Share your comments below and let us know what you think.


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