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Wallace Challenges Trump On “Enemy Of the People” Media Attacks; “We’re in Solidarity, Sir”

Fox News Chris Wallace decided that he would speak on behalf of the rest of the media when President Trump uses the term “fake news.”

Wallace seems like his feelings are hurt because President Trump calls out some of the media as “fake news.” Trump uses this term because they purposely report negative news and stories that are not based on truth. Wallace knows this as he also confirmed in the video below but he also claimed that the media was in this together.

Unbelievable. Wallace and Fox News have decided to join the opposition media at they shunned Fox News for attempting to hold Barack Obama accountable during the eight-year honeymoon love affair. How many softballs were hit out of the park from which the media served Obama? Wallace claiming that the media were all one in solidarity is disingenuous at best.

President Donald Trump has made infamous his attacks on the media with claims of “fake news” and the label, “enemy of the people,” but Fox News Sunday‘s Chris Wallace sent the commander in chief a clear message of unification with outlets like CNN and The New York Times: We’re in this together.

“The news, Chris, I’m not talking about you, but you sometimes maybe. But I’m not talking about you. The news about me is largely phony. It’s false. Even sometimes they’ll say ‘sources say.’  There is no source, in many cases – in many cases there is.”

Showing support for news organizations that have come under the president’s scrutiny, Wallace told Trump that when he goes after The New York Times and CNN, “we’re in solidarity, sir.”

“I am calling fake news, fake reporting, is what’s tearing this country apart because people know, people like things that are happening and they’re not hearing about it.”

All I can say is that Wallace is grandstanding along with the Fox News network, so they aren’t targeted in the future. Trump saw what Obama did to Fox News for eight years, and he’s given them a larger platform through exclusives and daily tweets on their coverage, right or wrong but if Wallace wants to go that way of protecting CNN and MSNBC, then let him, the die is cast.

In my humble opinion, Fox News can reap the fake news whirlwind just like everyone else. I won’t lose any sleep as I do not watch them on a regular basis anyway.

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