Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt — Trump Looking For Wall Deal To Save Face

Trump supporters will go after Fox News Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt for basically saying President Trump is trying to get something, anything to save face.

If you listen closely to the video below, Stirewalt sounds like there’s no way for Trump to come out as a victor in these shutdown talks with Democrats. It’s actually possible that he’s right but you never count out Trump until the final bell. That’s something politicos and politicians haven’t learned since Trump took office.

The opposition media wants to sing Trump’s political death song but he keeps coming up with wins. Stirewalt’s main word tonight in this video is “save face.” Watch this below.

This is why the GOP has lost so much in the past. If it’s not ideas being compromised, then it will be a defeatist attitude. If it’s not engagement, it will be verbal attacks on the intellect of those who do not follow the conservative ideology.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand exactly what Stirewalt is talking about. He thinks that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to run so many pieces of legislation to the Senate that they will have to act and send to Trump for his signature and some of those bills will be backed by Republicans because of the states involved. I just have a problem with that being broadcast by our side and the little dig about “saving face.”

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Fox News Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt appeared with Julie Banderas for instant analysis given the political conundrum in which the White House finds itself. In his esteem, Trump in is in a difficult spot and “has to decide what he’s willing to give up, what he’s willing to do in order to end the shutdown.”

Noting that “this is the first day where the shut down is going to start to have much more real consequences and we’re talking about the earning power of nearly a million workers,” Stirewalt expressed concern for people about to deal with consequences for “citizens trying to use the government…consequences start to stack up in a more consequential way.”

As such, Stirewalt made the point that “the Trump administration is looking for a way to do a deal so the president can save face here. As soon as Nancy Pelosi takes over as speaker in earnest, the Democrats will start turning the pressure up from the house.”

Source: Mediaite

Stirewalt and his peoples have gone after Trump so long, it’s way past boring. These people have a job because “being negative is in” these days in Washingon, DC. The only problem with that is the American voter is sick of this mess. Aren’t you?

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