[VIDEO] Rock and Martin Dunk on Hollywood Elites Over CA Homeless Crisis and Mock Dems Iowa Debacle

How many times do these liberal snobs have to be m0ocked before thy actually feel any real shame?

I am convinced that they will never feel an ounce of shame over real issues like homelessness because they’re too busy feeling guilty for being “white” and their past “mean tweets.”

These worthless and clueless elites have their priorities so backward it’s not even funny.

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Even so, it is fun to watch them get roasted – even if it’s a light roasting, like the one dished out by Oscar “non-hosts” Steve Martin and Chris Rock.

The duo who were not official “hosts,” since the hosts have been canceled by the rabid politically correct mob, made mention of the Cali homeless crisis and then mocked the duo for ignoring the situation entirely.

They also referenced the Iowa debacle in a humorous way.

You can watch the video below (comments come in first 2 minutes):

I definitely think they could have gone after these insufferable hypocrites with much more fervor, but I guess it doesn’t really matter since these smug “Hollywood Royals” will never change.

We need Ricky Gervais hosting the next Oscars. If that happens, I might actually watch!


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