Chris Matthews – Why Didn’t Anyone In WH Tell Obama About IRS Scandal – “Boss you have problem here”

“He needs to fire people,” Matthews said. “He needs to grab control of his presidency. He needs to surround himself with people ready to fight on every front, because the three problems he faces now, Benghazi, the IRS and the FBI, are less likely to be two problems by this time next week than they are to be four and counting. Why? Because as I said, it’s not just that he’s under attack. It’s that he’s vulnerable, and that’s obvious to everyone this side of the White House gates.”

Obama called the IRS actions “outrageous” if they were true Monday in his press conference, despite the IRS already admitting it had engaged in intentional targeting of conservative tax-exempt groups. Yet he appeared angry at the media’s continued questioning on Benghazi, even after last week’s whistleblower testimony that shed new light on the attack and the administration’s response, trying to dismiss it as political theater.

His own former press secretary and MSNBC contributor Robert Gibbs, called Obama’s response to the IRS scandal “exceedingly passive” earlier Tuesday on “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” and he has faced mounting scrutiny over his statements about Benghazi and their confliction with the established timeline on the terrorist attack.


Wayne Dupree

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