Chris Christie To Sunny Hostin — ‘Don’t Interrupt Me, Save That For The View’

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie set ABC’s Sunny Hostin on a path of embarrassment in the video below.

Hostin was shocked at Christie putting her in her place when she tried to filibuster the corroboration argument of Christine Blasey Ford. Most feel the California professor who accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh didn’t sexually abuse Ford.

Hostin will probably call out Christie away from his face, but in this video, Christie got in a good shot. Did you see Sunny’s face? She was frozen, she couldn’t move, and that’s how you have to deal with progressives.

Source: Mediaite

“It’s an issue of right and wrong and I think what’s terrible people are saying her testimony while credible isn’t corroborated,” Hostin said. “The reason it’s not corroborated is because the record is incomplete here and sex assault cases, we all know as lawyers and, especially you, Chris, as a former prosecutor, that sexual assaults generally don’t have corroborating eyewitnesses.”

She went on to call out Mark Judge, Kavanaugh’s high school friend who Ford named as a witness of his misconduct, and asked why he hasn’t been officially questioned yet.

“He does not corroborate [Ford’s story],” Christie argued, to which Hostin responded, “That’s not true. He doesn’t recall what happened.”

“There’s no corroboration here even though she named a witness,” the former governor added, before Hostin interjected to say that the Senate isn’t aware of the “truth” because no FBI investigation has been conducted.

“You can interrupt everybody else,” Christie shot back. “Don’t interrupt me this morning, save that for The View.”

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