Christie: AOC Is “Misleading” People By Promising Free College And Healthcare Without A Plan To Pay For It

ABC’s ‘This Week’ Roundtable host Jonathan Karl questioned Former N.J. Gov. and currently ABC News contributor Chris Christie about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s earlier appearance on the show.

The media treats AOC like a celebrity and ask questions of little substance of the legislation.  Here are a couple of excerpts from Christie’s Sunday interview:

Christie: No, no, not on the calculus on impeachment, on what she was talking about at the end regarding billionaires and, you know, she wants everybody to have all of these things but she herself has been so off on the math of what these things cost and what it would take to tax those things and is it even possible to provide them. I mean, the fact of the matter is she is someone who’s having a great experience at the moment. And it happens a lot in American politics.

Christie: She wants tuition-free college, she wants $15 minimum wage for everybody, she wants health care for everybody. I mean, these are all things that — that cost trillions of dollars and she has not once expressed a mathematically feasible way to pay for them. Now, that’s OK when you’re campaigning for something but now you have the office and you have a responsibility to do it. And if you’re going to have her on a show like this, she should be asked about how it works. And — and she wasn’t asked that this morning, Jon. And as long as she’s not asked those questions, we’re going to continue to have her moment.

But at some point, you have to govern.

That’s how socialism works. Promise the moon, then take away everyone’s rights and the means to resist and move right onto a murdering dictatorship when it becomes apparent socialism is never going to work. Check out the Soviets, the communist Chinese, Venezuela, Cuba.

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