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Chinese Ambassador Warns Sydney And Melbourne Against Supporting Hong Kong Protests

On Saturday morning, Cheng Jingye, China’s China’s ambassador to Australia, stated the rallies taking place in Sydney and Melbourne in support of the Hong Kong protesters.

On Friday night, pro-Hong Kong protesters met pro-China protesters resulting in violence that caused police to separate the groups. Chinese state media used the footage to push their agenda. As that happened, another report said: “Melbourne’s Chinese students and Chinese immigrants spontaneously came and hung the national flag, supported the motherland and surrounded the pro-HK independence people.”

Jingye’s put out a statement before Saturday’s scheduled pro-HK protests taking place in Sydney and Melbourne. I hope the dictatorship of China loses this fight, free these Hong Kong people and leave them alone. They love their freedom that they are used to.

He denounced the Hong Kong protesters’ actions as “radical, violent and illegal” and said they were determined to undermine its “one country, two systems” arrangement.

He added that the unfolding situation was “solely the internal affairs of China” and warned foreign governments, including Australia’s, to not support Hong Kong’s protesters or interfere.

“We sincerely hope that people from all walks of life in Australia will see the real picture of situation in Hong Kong, act in the interests of Hong Kong’s prosperity, stability and rule of law,” he said.

“Any attempt to mess up Hong Kong is doomed to fail.” []

According to the report, pro-democracy demonstrators in Melbourne were joined by more than 100 members of Melbourne’s Uighur, Tibetan and Vietnamese communities who wanted to show their support about the situation in Hong Kong.

Communist Chinese do NOT understand democracy or freedom; what are they doing in Australia?

Every U.S. Presidential candidate and Congressperson should support the brave people of Hong Kong protesting against tyranny and marching for their freedom. During the next Presidential Democratic debate, you can bet the lamestream media will ask no questions about Hong Kong.

Freedom of speech is a human right. No country can suppress a citizen from exercising its right! Sadly, China and the Chinese are still thinking the world is in the stone age. They said the only way to stop such right is by punishing, jailing and torturing innocent citizens in Hong Kong and worldwide. Another interesting fact is about these ignorant and uncivilized Chinese is that they have spy agency in every part of the world even here in North America who would harass its opponents everywhere they go!

Go Hong Kong! Keep the fight until you restore your freedom. The world is watching, and your story is already in the history book!


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