China Says They Are Implementing Sanctions On North Korea Through Trade

Sounds like smoke and mirrors! These are things China needs! I doubt they do without!

Even though I am leery of China’s public proclamation, this latest step is a real move in the right direction. China, thank you for joining the world community in holding North Korea accountable and trying to reign them in.

Knowing that North Korea and Iran could bring World War III, every country that wants a peaceful solution needs to join in the world will be facing Nuclear black mail from both of these countries for years to come if they are not stopped.

Source: Fox News

China made the announcement amid not only Pyongyang’s escalating war of words with the United States regarding the North Korea nuclear missile program, but also as President Trump was reportedly set to order an investigation into China’s trade practice — a probe which could lead the U.S. to levy its own sanctions on Beijing.

Trump has sought China’s help in dealing with North Korea, as China has remained one of the last defenders of dictator Kim Jong Un and could apply enormous financial pressure should it turn on the North Korean leader.

But in recent months, Trump has grown increasingly wary of getting any substantial aid from China, leading to the trade probe, as Axios has reported. Trump, as a presidential candidate, heavily criticized China, only to initially soften his tone upon winning the White House.

Just hours before Trump was believed ready to announce the trade investigation, however, China’s Commerce Ministry on Monday announced that all imports of coal, iron ore, lead concentrates and ore, lead and seafood from North Korea would be banned.

I used the term leery earlier this morning, and it’s because I think China is just playing the game, so they don’t have to bear any of the blame if North Korea acts foolishly. They may be handing them these sanctions, but in reality, they won’t let their neighbors and ally suffer from a U.S. attack.

One thing I can say about President Trump. I sure wouldn’t want to play poker with him. He plays a fearless and serious hand, and you best believe he’s in the game to win. Right now, he’s pushed all of the chips out on the table. And is told North Korea “play or fold.”

In China’s case, what hurts the US will also hurt him, so hopefully, the Chinese will follow through on their announcements.

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