Chief Justice John Roberts Sends Kavanaugh Judicial Misconduct Complaints to CO Federal Appeals

Many of you are probably wondering what is going on; I know I am.

There were reports that Chief Justice John Roberts had complaints about Judge Brett Kavanaugh before the confirmation but chose to sit on them. It seems that he did have some and is referring them to the Colorado federal appeals court.

This is the left doing. File complaints and hope it sticks or at least has the appearance of corruption to maybe impeach him if they take the House or bare minimum have a ‘see we told you so’ that he’s corrupt and must have an asterisk.

If you are angry at Roberts, you shouldn’t be. What do you think he should do? Sit on them and damage his standing? They will all result in the same nonsense you witnessed with Christine Blasey Ford.

Source: Washington Post

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. on Wednesday referred more than a dozen judicial misconduct complaints filed recently against Brett M. Kavanaugh to a federal appeals court in Colorado.

The 15 complaints, related to statements Kavanaugh made during his Senate confirmation hearings, were initially filed with the federal appeals court in Washington, where Kavanaugh served for the last 12 years before his confirmation Saturday to the Supreme Court.

The allegations center on whether Kavanaugh was dishonest and lacked judicial temperament during his Senate testimony, according to people familiar with the matter.

Last month, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit asked Roberts to refer the complaints to another appeals court for review after determining that they should not be handled by judges who served with Kavanaugh on the D.C. appellate court.

In a letter Wednesday to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit, Roberts said he selected the court in Colorado to “accept the transfer and to exercise the powers of a judicial council with respect to the identified complaints and any pending or new complaints relating to the same subject matter.”

Anyone know if the other eight Justices can expel a member for real, or imagined, misconduct or illegal conduct? This is nothing but Democrat political assault through the federal courts, and these are the folks who complain about politicization and partisanship?

The WashingCIA Post never sleeps in its effort to subvert America.

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I’m confident these complaints all stem from sore loser jealousy. Those of the left, who criticize BK’s anger over the smear campaign they perpetrated against him reminds me of the proverbial mob who dumped feces on a person, rolled him in it, and then ridiculed and belittled him for smelling bad.

When you leave this article, remember the only way to remove a sitting federal judge is through impeachment which will never happen.

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