Chicago Mayor Emanuel Creates Way To Get Illegal Aliens Their Benefits

Barack Obama’s buddy, the Mayor Of Chicago, says he’s figured out a way to get illegal aliens government welfare in his city.

Rahm Emanuel, the feckless mayor of Chicago, has been told by the federal government that they are not supplying these so-called “sanctuary cities,” money anymore if they protect illegal aliens from deportation.

It should be a crime resulting in mandatory jail time for anyone that promotes and gives sanctuary to illegal aliens in this country. Emanuel says he has a way to fight the Trump administration.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Emanuel’s new program is designed NOT to COLLECT any copies of identification documents when illegal aliens sign up[/inlinetweet] for the identification card that will give the benefits. And who is this going to hurt in that city, those who need the program?

Source: Breitbart

“Applicants bring in the documents to prove someone’s identity. They hand them over to specially trained individual who can review the documents and then hand them back … It’s going to capture just the name and the date of birth. It’s not going to capture an address,” a source close to those officials told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Emanuel, once President Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff, has been one of the loudest voices decrying Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s efforts to cut off federal funding for sanctuary cities like Chicago that refuse to cooperate in the enforcement of immigration laws.

The “Municipal ID” plan is Emanuel’s latest bid to resist the effort of the Justice Department and remain what he has called a “welcoming city.” Emanuel’s new City Clerk Anna Valencia’s website describes the Municipal ID as “an optional, valid, government-issued ID that they can then use to access a range of services from both the private and public sectors. ”

In addition to ensuring access for illegals to government programs, the Clerk’s Office also claims to be “working with cultural institutions, sports teams, pharmacies, local chambers of commerce and community organizations to explore potential discounts and partnerships.”

Emanuel is not thinking about the citizens of his town. He can’t be doing this to stay in office, can he? How many people will support him after this?

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