After Trump Praised Cher, She Calls Him “Ignorant Thug With A Lizard Brain”

All I think Cher did was prove President Trump’s point to be right. Can’t have it both ways; charity begins at home first.

When Cher acknowledged the reality of the situation in her original post, she incurred the wrath of the idealistic left. She had to insult Trump to try to restore her “image.”

Cher expects everyone to support her daughter’s opinions and choices but selfishly feels Trump and his supporters have no opinions or right to support their own beliefs.

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Let’s look at the facts here. President Trump is trying to address the illegal immigration problem. Yes, his policies need work, but clearly, he is trying to protect America. Dems created sanctuary cities ignoring federal immigration laws and have gone out of their way to oppose funding for a wall that many voted for before Trump.
In what warped reality can anyone support today’s Democrat?

Cher thinks on a small scale by suggesting LA can’t handle immigrants because they can’t even handle the people already living there! If only Cher could think a little more critically and replace the word LA with the USA! Her tweet shows her self interest supersedes the interest of the rest of the country!

While the president praised a tweet the iconic performer posted about immigration — she questioned how sanctuary city Los Angeles could help immigrants when there are so many residents there already in need — she made her thoughts on Trump clear (as if it wasn’t). In a follow-up post, she called him an “ignorant thug with a lizard brain” who “guarantees his survival above all else.”

The 72-year-old singer wrote that what the Democrats don’t understand is that while they are “playing politics,” Trump is “playing butcher your enemies” and creating “constant mayhem.”

Speaking of lizards Cher, isn’t it time for another face peel?

No Cher, you are the one who doesn’t understand. Don’t you realize that there are cities all over the US that have a homeless population that they are trying to deal with? None of them can afford to have these illegal or legal immigrants in their cities.

Last time I checked – I could care less what her opinion was. Put the wall up or drop them on their front steps. if you want to be a sanctuary city, you can pay for it, and I say no federal funding to sanctuary cities period

I understand you only care about LA, but there are others in the same boat.

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