Chelsea Handler Calls Stacey Dash A “Black White Supremacist”; This Response Is GOLD!

Actress, Conservative Stacey Dash didn’t hold back with her rebuttal to fading television host Chelsea Handler who called her an oreo.

I am paraphrasing the oreo, but that is where Handler was going when she called Dash a “black, white supremacist.” Handler was playing up to her audience who probably loved her using her platform to disparage a Republican defender.

Handler reduced herself publicly by using race, something the alt-left blames our side of doing all the time. Dash is a strong woman who believes in America and doesn’t hang on titles of race which is why call her my sister because we think the same along these lines.

Don’t throw that race at me when you are trying to argue in a discussion or I will dismiss you and move on. Dash dismissed Handler in a piece, and it was something to behold.

Source: Young Cons

Chelsea Handler recently used her bully left pulpit to throw shade at some folks, including me.

For as big as Los Angeles is, it’s populated by an inordinate number of small minded people.

Here is what I have to say in response to being called a “black white supremacist”… David Chapelle’s Clayton Bigsby did it better…and…it was funny as well as intelligent.

Myself, Ben Carson, Sheriff David Clarke are “white supremacists” in black skin. Is that it? Because we disagree with the liberal, Left agenda–a wealthy, white liberal celebrity gets to slander a brilliant and famous neurosurgeon, a respected man of the law, and me? There’s an opportunity to invoke white privilege here somewhere, I’m sure. Wait, I forgot, that’s a title exclusive to conservatives only.

Liberals love to embrace wealthy celebrities who in turn like to fashion downtrodden victims out of their fan base and remind them that they are under the heels of…well, wealthy white people like them.

So…I’m a black white supremacist? It’s a stupid thing to say and it’s not funny. Liberals will laugh at anything at anyone’s expense because they pass it off as “I’m sticking up for YOU.” See, I get paid millions to sit at this desk, walk across this air-conditioned outside red carpet, fly in these jets and I get to tell YOU how to save the environment and fight climate change. I get to tell YOU who to vote for. I get to tell YOU how to think and what to think about people who challenge this progressive way of thinking that allows me to keep this opulent lifestyle.

Stacey was definitely on target when she nailed Handler in this piece.

“Black white supremacists are black people who think white people are better than them,” Handler said.

It is an example of the dark side of freedom of expression that we must live with. To maintain that freedom idiots and simpletons reserve the privilege to live up to the titles with little effort. I would like to any responsible person in the media to corner this nut case and ask her to quote anything from the “black, white supremacists” she noted that supports such an asinine conclusion.

In the meantime hats off to Stacey Dash for another expected classy response to this kind of lunacy.

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