Charlize Theron Cast As Megyn Kelly In Movie Centering On Roger Ailes

I don’t know what happened at Fox News under Roger Ailes, but it seemed like the political left is getting ready to make it into a movie.

Liberal actress Charlize Theron Stay she was leaving the United States a couple of weeks ago because she feels America is the bed of racism.

Theron has some nerve mentioning racism in the US when she comes from South Africa. She knows nothing about America except what her idiotic New York and Los Angeles liberal friends tell her. But her comment isn’t really about racism anyway (which is a problem to some degree all over the world due to human nature). Theron’s remarks are her way of hating on Pres. Trump like all those socialist fools she hangs with.

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Now it looks like she’s going to jump into the role of Megyn Kelly, a one-time prime-time host of the Fox News network.

Source: Mediaite

You may have heard some talk about a movie in the works centering on former Fox News Chairman & CEO Roger Ailes. Well, now a big-name star is attached to play none other than Megyn Kelly herself.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Charlize Theron has been cast as Kelly, the former Fox News star who now hosts Megyn Kelly Today on NBC.

The report says other expected characters in the Ailes film will be Gretchen Carlson (who also left Fox News), Rupert Murdoch, and Bill O’Reilly, to name a few.

The late Ailes was ousted from Fox News following revelations of sexual harassment.

They both hate Pres. Trump so they have that one thing in common. Few things in life are guaranteed, but me never spending money or time watching a movie about Fox News is one of them.

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