Charlie Rangel Wants To Abolish Electoral College; Tucker Carlson Challenges!

Rep. [score]Charles Rangel[/score] is the poster boy for why we must have term limits for all politicians.

This guy has undergone so many corruption and tax fraud investigations that he should have been ousted and prosecuted many years ago. But thanks to his buddy, Nancy Pelosi, he survived to go on stealing and amassing his fortune, untethered, for decades.

Tucker Carlson brought Rangel on to call his latest attempt to move the goal post so to speak when talking about abolishing the electoral college. We know why the Democrats want this to happen and Tucker brings up pretty solid points in a great back and forth.

So now that Wrangle is retiring, he will live out his days in the lap of luxury paid for by the ill-begotten gains he’s amassed in his more than 40 years in Congress. But before he goes, he’s got to perform one more deed to pay back his party. And this is it—cosponsoring this stupid piece of legislation with that other useless twit, Congresswoman Barbara Boxer (who is ALSO retiring) which, though it will go nowhere, will allow Democrats to grandstand to their constituents.

And this, folks, is how Washington wastes & squanders our tax dollars.

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Wayne Dupree

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