Charlamagne Thagod Disfriends Tomi Lahren; Gives Her Warning About Calling Out Maxine Waters

Tomi Lahren thought she had a friend in Charlamagne Thagod who you can listen to every morning on a nationally syndicated radio show and view him on MTV.

Lahren dropped a tweet earlier today calling out Rep. Maxine Waters for things she said about President Trump. Lahren is trying to get back in the movement after settling a lawsuit with theBlaze earlier this week. Lahren has built her reputation primarily on calling about Black Lives Matter and using her #FinalThoughts on black issues that even included Colin Kaepernick. She went after Waters, which is something I primarily do and that didn’t set too well with CNN’s Angela Rye.

In the video below from Charlamagne Thagod’s Instagram page, it seems as if Rye was pressuring Charlamagne to disown Tomi as a friend since he interviewed her and hung out with her. I watched another interview earlier today where he also said they were not friends so maybe this is a consistent stance. He used the term “media associate.”

NOTE: In February, Charlamagne defended their friendship during interview with The Daiy BeastI also read earlier today where Tomi said one of her purposes in life was to help white people talk about racial issues because she felt they were too intimidated.

Well Charlamagne in this video below basically said where he was with their “friendship” and gave a warning to Tomi about calling out Waters.

Here’s my thing. I am going to talk about Maxine every time I get a chance because she’s wrong and evil. Funny how Charlamagne talks about respecting elders but he goes after Trump who’s over 70 years old.

Charlamagne has his way and I have my way. He’s more on the culture scene where I am more political. Tomi is somewhere in the middle but my advice to Tomi, don’t think just because you talk to those in the black community that you have street cred. You will get embarrassed quickly.

Let me also add, your penchant for calling out black issues also rubs people on our side the wrong way. You don’t see it but it’s there and until you understand that and how to deal with it, you are growing further and further from the together you want to happen. This is real talk!

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