Character revealed! Kasich calls police “idiot” when he got traffic ticket [VIDEO]

Character revealed! Lack of, that is. Well, look what the birdie dropped on my lap.

Ohio Governor John Kasich finished in 2nd place during last night’s primary in New Hampshire. He has been entrenched there for a few months as other candidates were in Iowa and South Carolina spreading around their message.

As you know I love our boys in blue. It’s a military thing. They protect us and I respect them and the job they have to do. Hearing this Governor, who’s running for the highest office in the land, disrespect them in front of a crowd is immature, childish and should give you a “pause” moment, can you trust him.

If he’s willing to do this behind closed doors what else is he doing?


“Have you ever been stopped by a police officer that’s an idiot,” Kasich asked the seated audience, pausing his speech as he moved around the room. “I had this idiot pull me over on 315. Listen to this story. He says to me, he say, uh, he says you passed this emergency vehicle on the side of the road and you didn’t yield.”

“I said, officer I, are you kidding, I didn’t, I didn’t see any, I didn’t even see any, where the heck was it?” a stammering Kasich recalls. “The last thing I would ever do would be to pass an emergency, are you kidding me?”

“He says, ‘Well I understand that. Give me your license,'” Kasich continues. “He goes back to the car, comes back, gives me a ticket and says you must report to court, if you don’t report to court we’re putting a warrant out for your arrest.”

Then Kasich stills himself and bellows, “He’s an idiot! We just can’t act that way. What people resent are people who are in the government who don’t treat the client with respect.”

This guy is unbelievable I am not sure about the laws in Ohio but the laws in Maryland says that upon approaching a STOPPED Emergency Vehicle with overhead lights activated you must move one lane to the left and/or slow down when passing if you are unable to change lanes.

He makes you believe the officer pulled him over for passing the police car while they were both moving. Kasich is putting his spin on the story as he has done on everything so far during the GOP debates.

America doesn’t need this guy, let Ohio keep him!

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Wayne Dupree

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