Cernovich Alleges Being Attacked By Mob As Innocent Bystander Grabs This Video [VIDEO]

Twitter user Mike Cernovich claimed he was attacked by a mob of liberals on Saturday and we have the video, only it’s not what you thought.

Cernovich was on his periscope when he alleged he was attacked by the liberals at a #TaxDay protest. Cernovich attended the event and while I won’t speculate why he went, I will say he made a public appearance on stage where he shouted out “Bill Clinton is a rapist.” A term usually used by Infowars and Alex Jones personnel.

Cernovich on his periscope showed a camera view of the people surrounding him but it never showed anyone swinging at him while he was claiming to be attacked. What Cernovich didn’t expect was someone was taping him and would upload that to social media.

Cernovich was attacked after the earlier video above when he was walking away and someone snuck him with a closed fist, seen in the video below.

Many of you should want to know why Cernovich was claiming to be attacked/assaulted when he was not in the earlier video? What was that for? His Twitter base?

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