CBS Tries To Correct Trump By Calling Kim Jong-Un “President of North Korea”

On Wednesday morning, CBS host Gayle King seemed to want to correct President Trump’s use of “Rocket Man” at the United Nations but U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley shocked her.

Haley didn’t feed into the apology like type atmosphere CBS was trying to convey and gave them a bit of information they were not expecting. Haley told the CBS panel that the President of Uganda referred to Kim Jong Un as the “Rocket Man,” only a day before.

CBS is calling Jong Un the President of North Korea is almost a slap in the face as the “Rocket Man” term. They call the North Korea leader the “Supreme Leader,” so CBS got it wrong.

Source: Free Beacon

“Ambassador, did you know that the president was going to refer to Kim Jong Un, the President of North Korea, as Rocket Man, and if so, do you think that kind of language and that kind of mocking is helpful?” King asked. “But first, did you know he was going to use that terminology?”

Haley said she was aware that morning Trump would use that term in the speech.

“I will tell you, just to let you know what this does, I had a meeting with the President of Uganda the day before, and he was referring to Kim as Rocket Man, before the president even gave his speech,” Haley said.

Kim Jong Un is North Korea’s Supreme Leader and took over after the death of his dictator father, Kim Jong-il, in 2011. He has reportedly ordered the execution of family members to consolidate power, and, like his father, he presides with absolute authority and has an elaborate cult of personality.

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North Korea has been in trouble due to human rights issues and even more problems with the United Nations as they continue to try to acquire nuclear capability. President Trump told the entire world if the United States is attacked or any of its allies, it would have no other option but to DESTROY North Korea.

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