In Five Minutes, Border Patrol Encountered And Arrested Nearly 500 Illegal Immigrants!

Border Patrol agents took all but five minutes to arrest more than 400 illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Texas southern border on Tuesday morning.

How long will it take for our Congress to wake up and do something about our laws about requesting asylum? No decent country can survive after decades and decades of illegals coming in droves. Now, they have learned our courts are overwhelmed, and all they have to do is claim asylum — no need to risk coming in illegally. Good Lord, Congress, do your job!

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), agents near the wall just west of Bowie High School in El Paso encountered a group of 194 illegals around 2:45 a.m. Just five minutes later, agents snagged a second group — this time, it was 245 people — near downtown El Paso.

The immigrants mainly comprised families and unaccompanied minors from Central America.

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Officials said that in all, more than 430 people, including those in the two large groups, had been taken in near the El Paso Sector Border Patrol, just three hours into the day.

That specific port of entry averages 570 apprehensions a day. [excerpt via Fox News]

Moreover, the opposition media, Dems and Never-Trumpers claim this isn’t an emergency.

Honestly, it has been an emergency for well over 40 yrs, and the longer the Congress sat around ignoring or encouraging the problem, it grew worse. A lot of our nation is numb to it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less than an emergency.

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Amounts of Fetynal are coming in that can kill entire cities, human trafficking has become multi-million dollar industry, and We are spending trillions on processing centers, deportations, welfare, ICE, courts not to mention the other crime that is involved.

According to the Dems, we need to have border security, but no wall. It seems like they want our first line of defense to become a welcoming committee like the greeters at WalMart. We need to be more welcoming! They are asylum seekers!

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We have the worst immigration laws in the world. We catch illegals, give them a court date, then release them to a Democrat Sanctuary City of their choice.

If I was ISIS, forget Syria, just come to the U.S. border, declare asylum, and request Dearborn, Michigan and you can have your caliphate here. No one will ever bother you, and you can have Sharia Law or whatever you want without pushback from anyone.

After amnesty was given in 1986 to around five million illegals, we were promised the border would be secured and illegal immigration would no longer be an issue. We are told 11 million illegals reside in the US today. The actual count is probably double that. Instead of securing our border, “our” elected officials have made it easier to live here illegally and harder to deport the illegals while claiming there is no crisis.

All illegals should be removed immediately regardless of country of origin or age. Elected officials should do their jobs for the benefit of the American people above all else.

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