Trump Responds To North Korea Missile Over Japan; “All Options Are On The Table”

North Korea’s latest defiance proves they just can’t quit. Guess they will learn the hard way.

Blackwater Founder Says Trump, Mattis Not Really Behind Afghan Plan, It’s Obama-Lite

“This is a lighter but almost as expensive version. Remember, the Pentagon now is spending as much as when they had five times as many troops in the country

Iran: You Impose Sanctions On Us, We Will Quit Obama 2015 Nuclear Deal

Obama was so arrogant to think he could stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons, he helped them before he left office giving them $1.7 billion dollars

China Says They Are Implementing Sanctions On North Korea Through Trade

China made the announcement amid not only Pyongyang’s escalating war of words with the United States regarding the North Korea nuclear missile program

China To North Korea — You Hit the U.S., You Are On Your Own!

If China wants to protect North Korea, they should be getting them to back down immediately. There will be no protection when the war commences. China would be will advised to fix the situation now or forever hold its peace.

Obama Downplayed North Korea’s Miniaturized Nukes in 2013

DIA actually concluded this in 2013. The Post also failed to mention that the Obama administration tried to downplay and discredit this report at the time.

North Korea, U.S Have Remained In Dialogue Through Backchannels For Months

The contacts are occurring regularly between Joseph Yun, the U.S. envoy for North Korea policy, and Pak Song Il, a senior North Korean diplomat at the country’s U.N. mission,

Maxine Waters: We Need To Work With North Korea On Things They’re Asking For

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) told a TMZ reporter on Wednesday that the United States should “work with” North Korea on the communist dictatorship’s goals.

State Department: We’re Speaking With One Voice Against North Korea

A State Department spokeswoman on Wednesday said the Trump administration is speaking with “one voice” on North Korea, pushing back against criticism that officials and President Trump have struck different tones.

Netanyahu: Palestinian Sources Say Investigations Will Topple Me — Won’t Happen!

Netanyahu is being attacked by members of his own party in an attempt to remove him as Prime Minister of Israel. The leftist, both in America and Israel hate conservative ideas and will do anything to topple the leaders of these, currently, great nations. 

President Trump Promises “Fire and Fury” If North Korea Escalates Threat!

Before you watch this video, remember, Kim Jong Un has been launching ICBM’s, threatening our allies and now when Trump responds with tough talk, the liberals get scared. What a bunch of daisies.

Japan Says North Korea Already Reached Miniaturizing Nuclear Weapons For Warheads

Some experts believe the North has already miniaturized its nuclear capability, while others believe the regime is still several years away from being able to do so. The Japanese defense ministry report was vague.

Lil’ Kim Jong Un — We Will Strike US “Thousands-Fold” After UN Sanctions

North Korea’s President Kim Jong Un is not happy about the United Nations sanctions and vowed to strike the United States […]

Trump Loves How the UN Vote Just SLAMMED North Korea!

“The United Nations Security Council just voted 15-0 to sanction North Korea. China and Russia voted with us. Very big financial impact!” he tweeted.

CAIR Wants Amazon To Stop Selling Book That Slams Sharia Law

A Muslim news website has demanded that online retailer Amazon remove Breitbart London editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam’s forthcoming book No Go Zones

Fmr Russian President – The US Establishment Finally Outwitted Trump

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called the move “humiliating” for President Trump as he signed legislation removing his power to make changes. Once again, who’s in charge of that legislation? Republican

Trump, Tillerson Not Happy About Congress Pressure To Sanction Russia; Signs Bill

The Trump administration, like other administrations, made it clear it wasn’t happy with the increased pressure from Congress to sanction Russia. Both Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made it clear they weren’t fans of the bill.

McMasters: Venezuela President Not Just A Bad Leader, Now He’s A Dictator

The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control announced Monday that Maduro would be added to a list of sanctioned individuals released last week, which includes 13 current and former senior Venezuelan officials charged with undermining democracy, corruption and human rights abuses.