A Scandal In Bohemia: Czech Government Rocked by Selling Visas to 400 Iranian “Businessmen”

Keep an eye on Prague, and on coming developments in the Czech government. 

U.S. and Turkey Join Forces, Establish Syrian Buffer Zone

By establishing the buffer zone as the framework in which Turkey will deal with ISIS threats on its territory

China Claims Massive Protests in Hong Kong Are America’s Fault

The U.S. State Department labeled the accusations as “ridiculous”

Tim Cook And Apple To Shift Production Of Its Mac Pro Computers To China

I have a Mac Book Pro and it will be the last time that I buy any Apple product. 
Companies who ship their manufacturing to China do not care about the American people.

Germany’s Merkel Says She’s Fine After SHAKING Episode; We Don’t Think SO!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Insists ‘I’m Fine’ After Public Shaking Incidents

Iranian President Says White House Suffers From Mental Retardation After Increased Sanctions From Trump!

The new sanctions in retaliation for downing a U.S. drone are aimed at the core of Iran’s leadership as Trump further escalates his ‘maximum pressure’ campaign.

Mexico’s Secretary Of Defense Announces 15K Troops Have Been Deployed To Southern Border

Mexico has deployed almost 15,000 troops to the US-Mexico border, according to the country’s Secretary of Defense Luis Sandoval.

Iran Takes Down U.S. Drone And Now Claims They Are READY FOR WAR!

Revolutionary Guard commander Gen. Hossein Salami said Iran is ready for war.

Mexico Gov’t Rescues Nearly 800 Migrants Packed In Semi-Trailers; 150 Children

Mexico’s foreign affairs Sec. has reported that they are meeting with the Central American governments of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras every week.

Afghan Gov’t Releases Nearly 500 Captured Taliban Commanders And Fighters — No Conditions!

The Taliban prisoners were released unconditionally. They are not required to denounce the Taliban or promise to quit the fight against the Afghan government.

Massive Weekend Hong Kong Protests Against China Turns Violent!!

So why haven’t the British intervened with allegations that the Chinese are breaching the agreement that returned Hong Kong to China?

Five London Teens ARRESTED After Attacking Two Women Because They Refused To KISS

To see the pain and shock on the faces of these two innocent young women going about their business is heartbreaking.