Consensus Reached Between China And United States During High Stakes Talks

We all have to remember that Communist China is not a friend to the US–get that straight! There has been an economic war with the US for decades

Tijuana Mayor Wants Organizers Of Caravan Arrested!

Indefensible, indisputable, radical discompassionate and anti-American inspired assault on human dignity and reason by those who support or defend the caravan “project.”

Saudi Prince, Putin Give Highly Visible Greeting, Watch Opposition Media Go Crazy

Mohammed sat next to Russian President Vladimir Putin as the G-20 summit began. The two were filmed aggressively shaking hands and laughing as they greeted each other.

Macron Confronts Saudi Crown Prince: ‘You Never Listen to Me’

If I were Macron, I would worry about the problems he has at home and not getting in the face of a Prince who could have him disappear

AirBnB Decides To Remove All Jewish Owned Apartment Rentals In Judea, Samaria

AirBnb’s decision to single out Jews living in Judea and Samaria is abhorrent and will lead to adverse consequences for the company,” said DeSantis

80,000 Take To Streets Of France Over Macron’s Decision To Raise Fuel Tax!

And I’m supposed to worry that Macron doesn’t get along with Trump?….sigh.

Haley Previews Trump’s UN Speech — Days Of Giving Money To Other Countries ‘Just Because’ Are Over

Trump is due to give his UN address next week and Amb. Haley gave a little snippet of what it was going to be like.

Trump: Democrats Are So Obviously Rooting Against Us In Our Negotiations With North Korea

Democrats hit the trifecta this week, supporting Hamas, MS-13, and North Korea. What surprise do they have for Memorial Day?

China Agrees To Buy At Least $200 Billion More In U.S. Services And Goods To Ease Trade

China thought they would roll over the Trump administration, but they are finding out they do not have the leverage

North Korea To South Korea — Want Peace? Return Our 12 Defectors That Were Abducted

I wanted this win for our commander-in-chief because he’s working hard for the American people.

Iran Is Mass Producing Weaponized Drones!

Obama knew what he was doing when he gave Iran those billions.

Under Trump; ISIS Has Lost 98 Percent Of Their Territory, Less Than 1K Fighters Remain

Bottom line: When you let loose the dogs of war many good things can happen. Who would have guessed that […]

Netanyahu Reacts To Guatemala Moving Embassy To Jerusalem “God Bless You, My Friend!”

Jerusalem in the hands of the Israelis will always be a welcoming place for all religions and visitors.

Haley Delivers! U.S. To Cut $285M From U.N. Budget for 2018-2019

Americans have been asking for U.S. Leaders to stop funding the U.N. because they continued to vote against our interests

Julian Assange’s Lawyer Office Ransacked By Three Hooded Men; Security Cameras Covered!

ulian is always ten steps ahead of them anyway, so there is no way important information would be kept at the office of Garzon.

ISIS Defeated In Pivotal City Of Raqqa; Drone Footage Shows Devastation

Raqqa was taken over by ISIS a few years ago, but now the city has been liberated, but at what cost.

Jimmy Carter Wants To Help Trump With North Korea; RIPS Clinton Foundation!

Of all the former Presidents, he’s the only one to offer his help to President Trump.

North Korea Economic Defector — Country Has Nothing To Eat, Might Not Survive Another Year

Ri Jong Ho contends North Korea will not survive another year and people will die due to these crippling trade sanctions