[Video] Ukrainian Foreign Minister Denies Trump Pressured Their Leader On July Phone Call

The only thing we know for absolute certain these days is that the left has made up their lie and they will stick with it no matter what.

Hong Kong Protesters Continue To Clash With Police At Airport; Call For British Help

Good luck to the people of Hong Kong. Democracies are forged by leaving an oppressive central government.

[VIDEO] Palestinian Children Dress Up And Stage Mock Raid As Part Of Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

The opposition media will ignore this story so are there any trolls out who’d like to take a shot at an intelligent answer?

Households Stockpiling Food Of BREXIT Deadline; Retail Sales Fall Flat

Considering the fuss that Boris has created in just 40 calendar days, it does make me wonder, what did the deluded Teresa May believe she was doing

Six Bodies Recovered After Flash Flood In Kenya National Park, The Place That Inspired The Lion King

The reason for the anger is that it’s not the first time a tragedy like this has happened.

REPORT: 5,000 Bodies Have Been Found In 3,000 Unmarked Graves In Mexico Since 2006

Even though they report the 2006 task force, I remember watching documentaries on missing women in Mexico. There were thousands and that was in the 90s.

Australian Prime Minister Calls For Removal of Politically Correct ‘Gender Neutral’ Bathroom Signs 

It’s about time we returned to good old fashioned common sense and stop indulging the whims of a small portion of the public.

Hong Kong — Not ‘One’ With China

By Sheena Hutchison | August 20, 2019 An estimated 1.7 million mostly peaceful protesters took over the streets of Hong […]

The Palestinian Authority, Supported By The Four Radicals Just ‘BANNED’ LGBTQ Activities In West Bank

Kreikat told Palestinians to report any person connected to the LGBTQ group to the police so they could be brought to trial when arrested.

Chinese Ambassador Warns Sydney And Melbourne Against Supporting Hong Kong Protests

Freedom of speech is a human right. No country can suppress a citizen from exercising its right!

Israeli Interior Minister Reponds — Seems Rashida Tlaib’s Hatred For Israel Overcomes Her Love For Her Grandmother

The bottom line here is that Tlaib can’t even put her hate aside for a short time to honor the laws of another country

MSNBC To The Rescue — Claims Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib NEVER Said They Hated Israel

Diplomacy is not their strong suit, don’t include them in anything diplomatic because of their antisemitism.

A Scandal In Bohemia: Czech Government Rocked by Selling Visas to 400 Iranian “Businessmen”

Keep an eye on Prague, and on coming developments in the Czech government. 

U.S. and Turkey Join Forces, Establish Syrian Buffer Zone

By establishing the buffer zone as the framework in which Turkey will deal with ISIS threats on its territory

China Claims Massive Protests in Hong Kong Are America’s Fault

The U.S. State Department labeled the accusations as “ridiculous”

Tim Cook And Apple To Shift Production Of Its Mac Pro Computers To China

I have a Mac Book Pro and it will be the last time that I buy any Apple product. 
Companies who ship their manufacturing to China do not care about the American people.

Germany’s Merkel Says She’s Fine After SHAKING Episode; We Don’t Think SO!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Insists ‘I’m Fine’ After Public Shaking Incidents

Iranian President Says White House Suffers From Mental Retardation After Increased Sanctions From Trump!

The new sanctions in retaliation for downing a U.S. drone are aimed at the core of Iran’s leadership as Trump further escalates his ‘maximum pressure’ campaign.