[VIDEO] San Francisco Couple Casually Steals Medicine From Walgreens During Coronavirus Lockdown!

Couple Walked In A Walgreens In San Francisco And Calmly Stole A Bunch Of Over The Counter Drugs!

[VIDEO] Man Arrested After Forging Coronavirus Doctor’s Note To Get Time Off From Job — Office Shut Down For Five Days!

The call center then evacuated all their employees and shut down the building for five days of deep cleaning and sterilization. They advised employees who had been in contact with Long to self-quarantine for two weeks.

Report: Cheating Husband Catches Coronavirus After Secretly Taking Mistress to Italy

Well, if this isn’t a dose of karma, I don’t know what is.

[VIDEO] Spanish Citizen Under Coronavirus Quarantine Dresses As T-Rex To Leave Apartment!!

In that footage, a person in the same dinosaur outfit can be seen shuffling slowly along the sidewalk with a bag of rubbish in hand, before hurling it into a large waste bin and running back down the street.

[VIDEO] Have Time For A Quick Sleeping Dog Prank? You’ll Love This

With all the bad news and conspiracies out there today, this little brand of fun will go a long way

[VIDEO] Toilet Paper Warehouse Workers Laugh At Americans Buying Up Toilet Paper

The warehouse worker in the video below thought it funny that so many people were rushing to purchase toilet paper because there’s so much left to ship to stores. 

[VIDEO] Man Curses At Local TV Network Over Coronavirus; I Don’t Blame China, I Blame You!

The fact is, enemies of the people are on their last leg, having played all their cards, spent all their ammunition or nearly all.

[VIDEO] Train Passenger Arrested After He’s Busted on Video Doing a Disgusting Act to the Railcar Pole

Here we go again, another bioterrorist trying to wreak havoc, but thankfully was busted on camera trying to pull off his dirty deed.

[VIDEO] Chinese Woman Placed In Headlock After Purposely Coughing On Flight Attendant!

She became upset after having to wait on the plane for 7 hours for health checks. The infuriated passenger deliberately coughed at the cabin crew, it is reported

Here Are Top Three Things You Should Do For Daylight Savings — The 4th Is A Bonus!

It is kind of amusing how we have to trick ourselves into modifying our sleeping hours to accommodate our contemporary lifestyles.