[VIDEO] Asian Woman Allegedly Buys Huge Amount Of Facemasks; “I Didn’t Leave A Single Mask For The Americans!”

You got to blame the store as well for allowing someone to buy more than what they need

[VIDEO] Man Threatens To Shut Down UK Pub After They Were Found Violating Stay-At-Home Policy!!

Mark everyone who defies the social distancing rules with a temporary tattoo, sort of like the scarlet letter. Anyone who has this mark should be banned from all hospitals until the mark has gone away.

[VIDEO] Teen Wrestler Saves Family From Possible Kidnapper, Human Trafficker

A high school wrestling champ helped to stop a would-be kidnapping by pinning a man to the ground until authorities arrived at a store in New Mexico on March 25, 2020

[VIDEO] This Cute Baby’s ‘Mean Mug’ Is Strong LOL!

Take a few minutes away from politics to laugh a little.

[VIDEO] NY Man Looses It After Seeing Medical Staff Load “Bodies” Into Back Of 18-Wheeler; “Please Pray For Us”

I have seen this happening in other countries but not here in the U.S. Hopefully, this medical staff is moving supplies but then it wouldn’t make sense, this video

Amazon Investigating Third-Party Driver Who Spread Saliva On Customer’s Package Which Was Caught On Camera!

This pandemic has brought out the worst in humanity. Any deserted islands still for sale? How would you have handled this situation?

Toddler Left Alone for Several Hours After Health Care Worker Mom Died of Coronavirus

An initial COVID-19 test confirmed that Wilkes had tested positive for coronavirus, but her autopsy report is pending, Hawk adds.

[VIDEO] Being Cautious About Coronavirus Is One Thing; This Guy Went Too Far!

I would have had to ban this man from coming back to my store if this were me

[VIDEO] Quarantined Love? Young Man Uses Drone To Gain Probable Date With Neighbor

This young man took a huge risk and got rewarded. I hope things work out for him and his new found friend

This Takes The Cake! FL City Commissioner Claims Hot Hair Dryer To The Nose Can Kill Coronavirus!

This is what happens when you vote for someone just because they black, inexperienced and want to make history. Your entire party goes stupid