Rick Perry Disses Politico’s 3 Unnamed Sources; Claims He’s Not Leaving Trump Admin

You can always predict these lying Democrats in the media and the lying Democrats in Congress will always try to paint any patriot, anyone serving the Trump Administration

U.S. District Judge Rules Against POTUS Challenge Of Handing Over Tax Returns; Appeals Court Blocks Docs Handover

Trump’s lawyers are correct in appealing this. On a side note. There is no law requiring that a duly elected president turn over his tax returns for public scrutiny

Pres. Trump — If You Want American Visa, Prove You Can Obtain Health Insurance

President Donald Trump issued a proclamation Friday that will require immigrants to prove they can obtain health insurance before they are issued a visa.

Trump Mocks Pelosi — You’re Afraid Of AOC And Her Squad

Who could have foreseen the collapse of the Democrat party to this level? It does become evident now that the depth of their corruption has been revealed.

Trump Calls Pelosi’s Bluff: You Want WH Documents, Call An Impeachment Vote First

Pelosi has tried to set this up is like the Spanish Inquisition. The victim gets no witnesses in his favor, no representation at all, just people spewing hateful lies at him.

Pres. Trump Lights Up His Twitter Timeline After Pelosi, Schiff Press Conference

President Donald Trump shared some …thoughts …after taking time out of his day to watch the joint press conference

Trump Lashes Out at Democrats: Impeachment Push Is ‘Single Greatest Scam in American Politics’

President shared some of his strongest feelings on Saturday — and he's not letting up

Read The Whistleblower’s Complaint Against Pres. Trump

The Justice Department received a criminal referral about a potential campaign finance violation in relation to Trump’s phone conversation with Zelensky, but declined to take action after a review.

Trump’s WH Call To Ukraine Transcript Released; Shows Him Doing Daily Presidential Things

So Trump was doing exactly what he told the country he would do which is
drain the swamp.

Pres. Trump Responds To Pelosi’s Call For Impeachment Inquiry — Presidential Harassment!

This act by the Democrats is a total move of desperation that will no doubt backfire against them.

Report: WH To Possibly Release Whistleblower Report To Congress; Individual Had ‘Political Bias’

Late Tuesday night, Fox News was given information that the Trump administration plans to release a document showing the intelligence […]

Romney Tells Trump To Release Docs; POTUS Tweets Video Mocking His Loss To Obama!

Democrats are using this whistleblower story to ramp up efforts of impeachment.

[Video] Pres. Trump Trolls “Fredo” At United Nations

Trump took time out of his meetings with various world leaders at the United Nations to call out CNN anchor Chris Cuomo

‘I Believe He Truly Loves America’: Latinos Proudly Endorse Trump As Support Skyrockets In Texas

America’s Latinos, unlike America’s ‘journalists,’ do not subsist on a steady diet of soy, tofu, and gluten-free vape juice, so it appears they actually still have some substance in their spines.

Trump Responds To Media’s Whistleblower Frenzy — Another Fake News Story, It Never Ends

I am sick and tired of the constant barrage of hatred and accusations against Trump! They hate Trump, they hate us, they hate the country, they just hate period!

Report: Proposed Ideas For Potential Gun Control Legislation Via AG And WH Raise Red Flags!

On Wednesday, the Daily Caller released a one page PDF that they got their hands on detailing proposed ideas for […]

NY Times: Manhattan DA Has Subpoenaed Pres. Trump’s Accounting Firm, Demands 8 Years of Tax Returns

The state prosecutors are seeking a range of tax docs from the accounting firm, Mazars USA, including Trump’s personal returns and those of his business

ICYMI — Weekly Trump Administration Wins For Sep 8-14

It’s up to us know and share what’s happening for our family and friends and alert them to what has happened or what’s coming.