Wallace: If Acting AG Whitaker Curtails Mueller Investigation Would You Overrule; Trump Responds

These people were looking at me they wanted an insurance policy just in case I won or Hillary lost

Trump Sets Record Straight On John Kelly, Kirstjen Nielsen

Trump responds to media rumors about Kirstjen Nielsen and John Kelly

Trump Responds To Acosta Getting Press Credentials Back!

Would have been wonderful if Trump had the Secret Service tackle Acosta and dragged his butt out of the press room

Judge Rules White House Must Return Jim Acosta’s Press Credential

Time for the White House to discontinue press conferences all together.

Schlapp -No Desire To Replace Sanders; President Has Great Relationship With Kelly

We will watch how this plays out over the next few weeks.

Retired Judge Janice Rogers Brown Could Be The Next AG! Served With Kavanaugh!

President Trump needs to have more qualified black and Hispanic conservatives in his cabinet

Pence’s Chief Of Staff Nick Ayers To Replace John Kelly As WH Chief Of Staff?

He is sharp and has political instincts in business — many believe Trump needs in his cabinet heading into the 2020 election.

NBC Report: John Kelly Could Be Moving On After Disputes With Melania Trump!

Kelly is having issues/disputes with her over job titles? Give me a break.

REPORT - Trump Soon To Part Ways With DHS Kirstjen Nielsen

The officials also said Trump canceled a trip with Nielsen to South Texas this week.

Dems Target First Lady On Twitter After She Congratulates Justice Kavanaugh

The angry, vile left wouldn’t know class and truth if it was right in front of them.

Trump Threatens To Pull Funding From California Over Forest Mismanagement

His comments came as more than 200,000 people were ordered to evacuate from around 75,000 homes

Acting Attorney General Past Op-Ed; “I Would Indict Hillary Clinton”

if Democrats start going after Trump with investigations, Whitaker will be unleashed to go after Hillary

Pres Trump Fires Back At Michelle Obama “I Won’t Forgive [Barack] For What He Did To Our Military”

The media probably thought Trump was going to go after Obama on the birtherism subject

Trump Signs “Proclamation of Asylum”; Come In Through Ports Of Entry Only

I don’t understand why people have a problem with keeping illegals out

FINALLY! WH Pulls CNN’s Acosta Press Credentials After Placing Hands On Female WH Aide

Assault is an over reach but Acosta was definitely out of control.

Southern Border Invader — Trump Is Anti-Christ; We’re Not Criminals, We’re Workers, Fighters

Is ironic to hear one of these marchers saying that they are workers and fighters as they are running away […]

Trump - Will Send As Many Troops As Necessary To Southern Border

Don’t wait for the caravan to reach the border before closing it. Close it now and put pressure on Mexico to turn back the caravan.

REPORT: Deal In Place Aimed At Preventing 4,000-Person Caravan From Reaching America

The U.S. and Mexico have reached an agreement aimed at keeping the 4,000-person migrant caravan