The 9th Circuit Lifts Injunctions Blocking Trump Admin’s ‘Public Charge’ Rule for Illegal Border Crossers

Our federal court system is a mess. We can’t have district courts all over the country ruling differently on issues that affect the whole country.

Trump: I’m Not Participating In House Judiciary’s First Public Impeachment Hearing

The Democrats are pressing forward with nothing. This is sedition and they need to be removed from office. They have been in a desperate rage for months now.

SCOTUS Temporarily Blocks Dems From Receiving Trump’s Tax Returns

This ruling by the Supreme Court temporarily blocks the enforcement of a subpoena for Pres. Trump’s tax returns.

Report: NY Federal Judge Dismisses POTUS Lawsuit Over Tax Returns

Everyone in Congress and the Senate SHOULD release their tax returns. They should work on that bill as well.

Trump Responds To Media — You Really Shaped My Behavior With Fake News And Investigations

It is one thing for the progressive media to disagree agreeably with conservatives and quite another for it to attempt to destroy conservatives

Report: Trump Not Happy Media Pushing Narrative He Asked Barr For Help Over Ukraine Phone Call

This country as a whole needs to wake up! Before it is too late! Everybody needs to actually watch both sides of the coin to really know the truth.

Trump: Whistleblower “Must” Be Brought Forward To Testify

The Constitution says that an accused person has the right to face his accuser (even the President of the U.S. of America).

Trump’s Lawyer Claims Latest Tax Decision Will Go To SCOTUS!

Trump has argued that the subpoena is unenforceable because a sitting president should not be subject to a state criminal process. The 2nd Circuit disagreed.

Trump Lets Loose On Nancy Pelosi – Says She ‘Has Lost Her Mind’

Trump went on to say that it is Pelosi’s obsession with impeachment that has caused her to lose it.

For The First Time In 18 Years, The US Didn’t Admit A Refugee For An Entire Month!

The mass migratory mobs were incited and egged on by the media, in an effort to sabotage the Trump presidency.

Hallelujah! Trump Supporters Rejoice On Twitter After First Mile Of Brand New (Not Replacement) Border Wall Built

Jubilant Trump supporters took to Twitter to thank God for the brand new wall, praise President Trump, and laugh at the fake news media who said there would never be a wall.

[VIDEO] Trump On ISIS Leader Attack: We Told A Few But Not Everybody, DC Leaks Like No Other Place

Pres. Trump also alerted the press that no American troops wounded, but a military dog was hurt when al-Baghdadi’s vest was detonated.