Trump To Skip “Boring, Negative” White House Correspondents’ Dinner; Will Hold MAGA Rally

For the third straight year, Trump says he will skip the WH Correspondents’ Dinner.

Trump Changes Border Shutdown Timeline; Now Gives Mexico A Year To Get Things In Order

Trump will visit the border on Friday to tour a recently installed section of his border fence in California.

Trump Sounds Off! — I’ve Ended Payments To Guatemala, Honduras, And El Salvador

Build the wall. If they don’t get in, all the associated problems/expenses are prevented.

Trump To Shut Down Border Next Week If Mexico Doesn’t Stop Illegal Immigration Into U.S.

It wasn’t immediately clear what parts of the border, what border crossings might be involved, or how it would impact trade between the U.S. and Mexico.

Trump Reportedly Open To Special Counsel Investigation On Mueller Investigation Origin

The Democrats are the real bad guys here, and they have to be exposed if we are ever going to right the ship at the FBI, CIA and the DOJ.

Trump — No Obstruction Whatsoever, This Was An Illegal Take Down That Failed!

Let the Democrats enjoy the same intense legal scrutiny just give to President Trump and his associates. They richly deserve it.

Mueller Investigation Summary — No Trump Obstruction Or Collusion With Russian Government

They will continue to try to get Trump no matter what the report says. You will see the lefties still believe there is collusion.

The ISIS Caliphate Has Been Defeated!

It’s hard to believe President Trump’s approval numbers are as low as they are. Something is really wrong. In a […]

Trump — Fox News Lowest Rated Anchor Shepard Smith Should Be Working At CNN

Shep’s show appears to be unscripted. They seem to let him go on and on about whatever he wants to talk about and his comments just get crazier and crazier.

President Trump To Fox News — Bring Back Judge Jeanine!

Who is next, Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity? Fox just bit off their last foot with us. Now all who work for Fox News must be very careful to not tell the truth

Coulter Wants ‘Precise Latitude And Longitude’ Of New Border Barriers — To Throw Party!

Coulter issued a put-up-or-shut-up demand Tuesday to President Donald Trump, challenging him to identify exactly where his administration has erected new border

Pres. Trump To Ask For Additional 8.6 Billion To Help Pay For Wall

President Donald Trump on Monday will ask the U.S. Congress for an additional $8.6 billion to help pay for his promised wall

Over 6,000 Troops Have Been Deployed To Southern Border From These Units

The number of undocumented immigrants crossing the southern border last month was the highest total for February in 12 years

AG Barr — I’m Not Recusing Myself From Mueller Investigation

How many times can I say, Jeff Sessions should have stayed a Senator and been a connection to help things move along in Congress.

Gearing Up For 2020 — Democrats Launch “Massive” Document Probe Into Trump And Associates

In this case, Trump is right. They are harassing him because he won, not because he actually did anything wrong.

Trump Admin Cancels Annual Large-Scale Drills With South Korea

Trump has previously tweeted that he considers these “war games” with South Korea to be a waste of money.

Trump To Sign Executive Order Protecting Free Speech at Universities

Trump announces he’s signing an executive order in support of free speech on college campuses

President Trump Believes Kim Jong-Un Didn’t Know About Warmbier Treatment

How will the Warmbier family react to this statement by the President?