Trump: Far Left’s Destructive Agenda’ Has Destroyed Inner Cities

He is the only president in my lifetime that can get things done in the face of hate, and lies and mainstream media

President Trump Hits China with New Tariffs as U.S. Economy Adds Jobs

Still, America’s economy continues to expand. 167,000 jobs were added in July and the unemployment rate remained at a historically low 3.7 percent.

ICYMI — Trump Supporters Holding Shirts Reading “Trump And Republicans Are Not RACIST” Receive Applause From Rally Crowd

Americans shouldn’t be afraid to fight the media narrative claiming the President is a racist

Baltimore Church Wouldn’t Allow HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson To Hold His Press Briefing On Their Grounds

The people there have been ignored long enough when media and politicians talked about Baltimore

Protester Interrupts Trump’s Jamestown Colony Speech — “You Can’t Send Us Back, Virginia Is Our Home”

Capitol Police approached the man and eventually escorted him out. As the protestor was taken to the exits, the crowd chanted “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

Trump Responds After Learning Sharpton Going To Baltimore In Defense Of Cummings — Hates Whites & Cops!

I might be mistaken, but Pres. Trump is the first president to point out that Al is a shakedown artist.

Trump Rips Cummings — Brutal Bully’s District Gets So Much Money When It’s Considered Worst Run, Rodent Infested

They are all do-nothing partisan hacks and Cummings and his wife are now under investigation for scamming people in the “charity” that they run.

Supreme Court Rules — Trump Can Use Pentagon Dollars To Construct More Than 100 Miles Of Fencing

If the liberals don’t like the laws of our country feel free to leave go to Canada like you promised if Trump was elected well

U.S. District Judge Upholds Trumps Asylum Restrictions; Then Another Judge Blocks

Did you ever think, if all of Mexico is dangerous for asylum seekers, then 126 million Mexicans would be living in fear.

50 Undocumented Border Crossers Stormed Rio Grande Bridge Port Of Entry!! Agents Use TEAR GAS!

The Dems don’t want the border crisis so Trump should find the bill sponsors of the law that has the loopholes that cause the border problems.

Harris Now Claims “Send Her Back” Was Created By Trump’s Tweets, Not The Rally Audience

So much for the keen perception, we can expect should candidate Harris become president. No, candidate Harris, the chant was created by the crowd

POTUS On Witch Hunt: Imagine Where We Could Have Been “If We Didn’t Have All Of The Bulls**”

My advice to the Democrats is this, keep doing what you’re doing!  Keep up all the investigations, the subpoenas, push “Medicare for all”

Trump On Border Crisis: Democrats Don’t Mind Crime, Drugs And Human Trafficking By Their Actions

But we’re really doing well on the border considering we have absolutely no help from the Democrats. Not only no help, just the opposite.

POTUS Calls Out The RADICAL FOUR Again! “So Many People Are Angry At Them & Their Horrible Disgusting Actions!”

For the first time in my life, I see a man who says what many of us feel, who reflects our every day Joe values, and who loves this country.

Labor Secretary Acosta Resigns — “It Would Be Selfish For Me To Stay In This Position”

Acosta did not make that deal alone. That is not how the system works. If the deal he made was so terrible, it could have been stopped by many people higher up the chain than Acosta.

Trump Responds To Questions On Acosta And Epstein; I Was Not A Fan Of Jeff

Both Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer have led calls for him to step down, to which Trump pushed back.

Trump BLASTS Fox News Weekend Anchors — “Worse Than Watching Low Ratings CNN”

Trump previously lashed out at Fox’s weekend programming, which tends to lean more on hard news reporting than opinion programming.

Trump Might Use Executive Order to Put a Citizenship Question on the 2020 Census

‘We’re thinking about doing that — it’s one of the ways’