Trump: Whistleblower “Must” Be Brought Forward To Testify

The Constitution says that an accused person has the right to face his accuser (even the President of the U.S. of America).

Trump’s Lawyer Claims Latest Tax Decision Will Go To SCOTUS!

Trump has argued that the subpoena is unenforceable because a sitting president should not be subject to a state criminal process. The 2nd Circuit disagreed.

Trump Lets Loose On Nancy Pelosi – Says She ‘Has Lost Her Mind’

Trump went on to say that it is Pelosi’s obsession with impeachment that has caused her to lose it.

For The First Time In 18 Years, The US Didn’t Admit A Refugee For An Entire Month!

The mass migratory mobs were incited and egged on by the media, in an effort to sabotage the Trump presidency.

Hallelujah! Trump Supporters Rejoice On Twitter After First Mile Of Brand New (Not Replacement) Border Wall Built

Jubilant Trump supporters took to Twitter to thank God for the brand new wall, praise President Trump, and laugh at the fake news media who said there would never be a wall.

[VIDEO] Trump On ISIS Leader Attack: We Told A Few But Not Everybody, DC Leaks Like No Other Place

Pres. Trump also alerted the press that no American troops wounded, but a military dog was hurt when al-Baghdadi’s vest was detonated.

Report: WH Preparing To Instruct Federal Agencies To Not Renew NY Times, Wash Post Subscriptions!

It was not immediately clear when the directive would be issued or go into effect. The Wall Street Journal reported the White House’s plan earlier on Tuesday

Report: Romney and Ryan Shopping ‘Pence Presidency’ in Senate, ‘Only Need 10 More Votes to Get It Done’

Robinson, who covers D.C. politics for One America News Network says that Romeny and Ryan have teamed up to take down President Trump and they only need about 10 more votes to do it.

Trump Calls Impeachment Inquiry A “Lynching” That Could Hurt Future Presidents

The ONLY person in Washington who is doing his job is Pres. Trump and a select group of his administration, and even now, there are deep state politicians inside who are working against him

ICE Outs Migrants Adults Pretending To Be Kids; Allegedly Lying About Their Family Status

Trump’s policies or how he enforces the existing policies will save America. NO ONE can predict what the U.S. would look like in 10 years if we had a Democratic President who allowed open borders.

UPDATE: Trump Contends CNN Violated The Lanham Act; Will Sue For Damages

I believe that journalism should be just that, journalism. The Fourth Estate, not The Fifth Column. The Free Press was set up to be the government watchdog and needs to become that again.

Mulvaney Retracts Statement About Ukraine Aid And DNC Server

Mulvaney should have stuck to his guns on his comment to the press. It is a legitimate reason to withhold aid as leverage for a foreign government to cooperate with an ongoing investigation.

[VIDEO] General Mattis Says He’s Honored To Be Named ‘World’s Most Overrated General’ By POTUS

Mattis and Trump can have profound differences of opinion without either of them being derelict of duty. And while I would take Mattis any day to run a battle, Trump has to run a country.

Trump “Strongly”Condemns Fake Video Showing Him Shooting Journalists; Hasn’t Seen It Yet

The Trump campaign also distanced themselves from the video saying that they “do not condone violence.”

[VIDEO] Trump: Nancy Pelosi ‘hates the United States of America’

Trump claimed Friday that the ongoing impeachment inquiry showed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “hates the United States of America”

Rep. Ilhan Omar Tweets “Trump Called Me An ‘America-hating socialist’ And A ‘Disgrace’

Everything Trump said about Omar was true. She indeed is a disgrace.

White House Threatens Sanctions Against Turkey If Their Military Invasion Of Syria Goes Too Far

It seems his determination to remove American military personnel from danger overrode what his gut should have been telling him. Erdogan just cannot be trusted.

Appeals Court Rules Against Trump On Tax Records; Could Be Headed Toward Supreme Court

The other two judges who voted to deny Trump’s appeal to block the subpoena were appointed by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.