March 22 – White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing (LIVE) — 5 PM EST

President Trump and the coronavirus task force will be updating the public and answering questions from the Brady press room at the White House today at 5:00 pm ET

[VIDEO] Trump, Treasury Secretary Want To Send Checks “Directly” To Americans — Immediately!

“We want to go big, go solid,” he said. “We don’t want airlines going out of business or people losing their jobs and not having money to live.”

Pres. Trump To Nation: We’re Going To Win!

We will win and faster if we follow the guidelines, TY President Trump for this leadership and message.

[VIDEO] Pres. Trump Gives COVID-19 Task Force Update; Announces He’s Taken Test, Awaiting Results

Plain and simple is that Trump is protecting Americans, and he has the right to do so without wasting any time in crises like this. The problem with Democrats is that if he acts fast, it is bad; if he does not act quickly

[VIDEO] India Plays “Macho Man” By the Village People as President Trump Enters the Stadium

The people of India know a MACHO alpha-dog when they see one!

[VIDEO] Hoards of People Line the Streets of India Singing, Dancing, and Cheering President Trump’s Motorcade

President Trump’s motorcade was greeted by hoards and hoards of people singing, dancing, and cheering.

[VIDEO] Crowd of Over 100K Wear Custom-Made White Hats to Honor President Trump During India Rally

WOW! A sea of over 100K people wearing #NamasteTrump hats! What a sight to behold!

[VIDEO] Rally Crowd Chants “Barron, Barron, Barron” and President Trump Beams With Pride

What an amazing and very personal moment President Trump shared with his supporters.

Report: Melania’s Grace and Class Are Winning Over More Women for Trump

Melania Trump is one of President Trump’s greatest assets.