Trump SOTU — ‘We Must Reject the Politics of Revenge’

Looking at all of those Communist Democrat women dressed in white was sickening.

No Evidence of ‘Material Impact’ on 2018 Midterms from Foreign Interference

Kirstjen Nielsen and Matthew Whitaker both emphasized that ‘efforts to safeguard the 2020 elections are already underway’

Sanders: “God Wanted Donald Trump To Become President”

How else can you explain Trump getting elected against ALL odds?

Trump Responds To Actor Attacked! “Horrible. It Doesn’t Get Worse, As Far As I’m Concerned”

How about the news media ensure a story is honest before they report it as news-or fact?

Pres. Trump Sending More Troops To The Border To Stop Attempted Invasion Of Illegals

Trump is trying harder than any other president in my lifetime to do the right thing when it comes to securing the border.

Banderas Says Trump Insulting Fox News Co-Workers Will Put Twitter Target On Them!

Julie is not a supporter of the Trump Administration but we don’t have to know it

Pres. Trump Chastises Fox News Reporters For Not Understanding Wall Negotiations

As you know, Pres. Trump has been bending backward for the Democrats and Republicans halfway through his first year in office

Trump Seeks To Change Narrative With New Border Wall Tweet

Trump seeks to change the narrative from Friday’s government re-opening

Schumer — “Hopefully Now The President Has Learned His Lesson”

I am still quite bewildered by the President’s decision.

NO SPIN! Trump Agrees To Re-Open Government For 3 Weeks With No Border Funds

Donald Trump caves on partial government shutdown

REPORT: White House Preparing National Emergency Proclamation That Includes Border Funding

Some feel Trump doesn’t have the authority to declare a national emergency to fund the border wall, well he does have that authority.

Trump Will Give SOTU When Shutdown Is Over; Pelosi Quickly Pounces On Response

For those who think Pelosi came out ahead on this, just remember, Trump can still change his mind

SCOTUS Sides With Trump Admin On Temporarily Reinstating Military Transgender Ban

Americans were shocked this was even on the table when Obama removed the ban in the first place

Trump, Pence Address MLK Day With Comments; Sharpton Angry No Event At WH

Sharpton hasn’t responded to Pres. Trump making an unannounced visit to the MLK Jr Memorial on the National Mall

Trump’s Series Of Tweets Reminds Pelosi He’s Still President And She’s Acting Irrationally!

Pres. Trump is not implementing his patented “art of the deal.” There is no “art” or even a “deal” when one side refuses to come to the table.

Trump Offers 3 Yrs of Legislative Relief For 700,000 DACA Recipients; Pelosi Says No!

Seems clear that Pres. Trump is the only one looking to “work” with those on the other side of the aisle.

Report: Trump Could Offer Extended Protection To DACA Recipients For Border Funds

I believe, once you give amnesty to millions of illegals already here in this country, you are already opening the border for countless millions