Trump: Iraq ‘Will Not Be A Benghazi’ After Iran-Backed Embassy Raid

This deployment is an appropriate and precautionary action taken in response to increased threat levels against US personnel and facilities, such as we witnessed in Baghdad today.

Championship Strategy! POTUS To Hold Campaign Rally During Next Democratic Debate!

While democrats discuss how to ripoff the American people Trump will be actually having a party with about 20,000 of them. Trump 2020

President Trump Hits the Dems on Their Blatant Hypocrisy

The commander-in-chief is calling out those on the other side of the aisle for their brutally mixed messages — and worse

Trump’s Warning to California’s Newsom: Fix Homeless Problem or the Feds Will Step In

President tweeted a warning to the liberal governor this week

[VIDEO] Melania Wore Dramatic Black on Christmas Eve And She Looked Festive and Stunning Beyond Belief (Photos)

Melania always looks stunning….However, there are occasions when Melania even tops herself – and this is one of those times.

VIDEO: Rep. Ratcliffe Says He’s Seen Documents Proving Comey and Brennan Were in Cahoots Against Trump

Ratcliffe revealed he’s seen documents showing Comey and Brennan were running an illegal anti-Trump spy op BEFORE ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ began.

Pres. Trump Is Leaving Witness Decision For Senate Impeachment Trial Up To McConnell

Trump has nothing to prove. Let the Senate dismiss this sham impeachment and let the Republicans get back to business as usual and serving the American people.

Trump: Long Or Short Impeachment Trial In The Senate, My Team Will Be Ready

McConnell has assured Trump that there is nothing to fear as Republican-controlled Senate will absolutely vote to acquit him, and they could do so in a swift and expeditious manner, should they choose.

Politico/Morning Consult — Registered Voters Divided On Supporting Impeachment Inquiry 50-42

Democrats have shown by their actions how they hate the laws of America along with the Constitution and further, they hate Pres. Trump because he stops their march toward lawlessness.

Dems Announce Articles Of Impeachment And Trump’s Numbers Are Up In Three Battleground States!

Do you feel safe and self-assured if this party came after your parents, your spouse, or your children that you feel they will do the right thing and give them the justice they deserve or do you feel they would lie

Trump’s Medicare Executive Order To Provides More Health Care For Seniors

The executive order takes direct aim at 2020 Democratic candidates who advocate for changes to the U.S. health-care system through some version of Medicare for All.

SCOTUS Temporarily Blocks Trump Admin From Re-Starting Federal Executions

The appeal process takes entirely too much time and essentially negates the impact of the death penalty sentence being given. If it’s never going to be carried out then what’s the use of handing that sentence down?