On The Horizon! China Moves to Lower Tariffs on US Cars from 40% to 15%

While reversing the retaliatory duty is a major climb-down by Beijing, it could re-focus the two sides toward implementing the trade-war truce agreed earlier this month.

Pres Trump Reiterates Supports Project Safe Neighborhoods

Project Safe Neighborhoods is designed to liberate our communities from crime and securing the right of all citizens to live in safety and to live in peace”

Obama Was Fined $375K For Campaign Violations – Largest Fees Against Presidential Campaign

President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign was fined $375,000 by the Federal Election Commission for campaign reporting violations

Trump Bypasses Media To Explain Distance Between He And Cohen!

Trump: “Lawyer’s liability if he made a mistake, not me”

Trump Calls Out Media Over Claiming Nick Ayers Would Be Next Chief Of Staff

President Trump on Sunday night blamed the “fake news” for “saying with certainty” that Nick Ayers would be his new chief of staff

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham SLAMS Trump China Tweets

Trump plays with leaders who are used to decades of complacency from American leaders is great fun to watch and it forces these tyrants to come to the table

UPDATE: China Agrees To Start Buying American Products Immediately!

If Trump can pull this one off he has accomplished one of the biggest feats ever. And if anyone can Trump is the man to do just that.

Trump: I Am Terminating NAFTA; Congress Has Choice To Accept Replacement Or Have Nothing!

Lefties and Never Trumpers would cut off their own nose rather than give President Trump and we, the American people a win.

Consensus Reached Between China And United States During High Stakes Talks

We all have to remember that Communist China is not a friend to the US–get that straight! There has been an economic war with the US for decades

President Trump And First Lady To Attend George H.W. Bush State Funeral

The President and First Lady were notified late last night of President George H.W. Bush’s passing

Trump Rebukes Mueller Probe And Gang Of Angry Dems Over Phony Witch Hunt!

If ever there was a time in our countries history for a Commander and Chief it’s now, the enemy is within and terrorizing American citizens

Flashback 2013: Border Troops Pepper Spray 100 Migrants Trying To Enter Port Illegally, Under Obama

Democrats lose their mind when we remind them what Barack Obama and that nobody called out.

REPORT: Kelly and Nielsen Were Against Border Agents To Use Lethal Force Against Possible Attacks

If they start attacking American border officials, they have earned whatever force is needed

Pompeo Doubles Down — Caravans Will Not Be Permitted To Enter The U.S.

Democrat politicians organize and finance these caravans of invaders for the purpose of organizing them into fraudulent voters.

Pompeo To Warmongering Media — “America First, The World Is A Dangerous Place”

Sec. Pompeo said in addition to beginning with “America First!” and “The world is a very dangerous place!

Trump Responds To Chief Justice Roberts — You’re Wrong, There Are Obama Judges

Of course, there are biased judges for Bush and Obama.

REPORT — Trump Tried To Order Prosecution of Clinton, Comey

Trump sought to order the legal action against his 2016 presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton

Border Troops Given WH “Green Light” To Use Force Against Arriving Caravan

Posse Comitatus is to keep The Military from being used as a Police against American Citizens only.