White House To Look Into Why Fox News Isn’t Broadcasting Trump Rallies Anymore

Trump, as a “massive consumer of the media,” might “be disappointed” if Fox News drops his beloved rallies

United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley Has Resigned!

Maybe Trump is considering her for a cabinet-level position?

Crowd Boos Graham When He Says Kavanaugh Was Treated Like Crap – Watch His Response

Graham should have gotten a standing ovation from this crowd, but instead, he got boos and stony silence

Sen. Flake Isn’t Happy About Trump Calling Out Kavanaugh Accuser’s Inconsistent Testimony

Flaky is abusing what tiny bit of pretend power he possesses entirely due to his temporary if office.

Reporter Says “I Wasn’t Thinking” During Back And Forth With Pres. Trump

Trump calls on Cecilia Vega of ABC News. He says that she’s shocked that he picked her.

Trump Hilariously Mocks Feinstein And Staff Over Leaked Confidential Letter

Someone leaked the letter and hopefully, the FBI finds them and exposes them to all of us.

Trump Says FBI Has “Free Reign” But Hopes They Locate Christine Ford Letter Leaker

Liberals are going to pounce on the fact it’s a ‘limited investigation’ and that it’s only a ‘supplemental’ investigation.

Amb. Haley SLAMS John Kerry — His Actions Aren’t “In The Same Vein” As Those Of Kissinger

Haley: “What we saw with John Kerry was not only disrespectful, but it was hurtful to America”

President Trump — I Don’t Have An Attorney General

Sessions is going to have to decide whether or not he wants to continue working in a Trump administration

Commerce Secretary Says Trump’s Tariffs Will Have Minor Impact On Americans

We had no choice but to act against China. We should consider dumping the One-China policy

U.S. Steel To Invest $750 Million To Revitalize Flagship Plant!

The company said the investment will make “significant upgrades” to increase efficiencies at the 110-year-old Northwest Indiana plant

201,000 Jobs In August — Unemployment Rate At 3.8%

A lot of Obama supporters claim this is still riding his wave of the time he was in office.

Trump Responds To Woodward’s New Book — “So Many Lies And Phony Sources”

The Democrats have nothing but wacky protests, silly sideshows and goofy stunts.

Trump Supporter Calls Out Mike Pence Silence Over Anonymous Source OP-ED — Where’s The VP?

Where the hell is the Vice President? We elected him and the vice president as a team

Trump — NY Times Must Turn Over “Gutless” Senior Admin Official For Natl Security Purposes

Remember the world is watching what is going on and shaking their heads.

Trump Threatens To Assist Justice Dept In Enforcing The Law

It’s almost like Trump tells the media to jump and they stay in the air until he says come down.

Trump Responds To Media Publishing “Off The Record” Comments

Why Pres. Trump thought even for a second that he could trust the opposition media “off the record” is beyond me

Canada Newspaper Publishes Off-Record Trump Statement — Could Jeopardize Talks

The president wanted his comments to remain off the record because they would be “so insulting” to Canada if published