WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Is Leaving The White House; Going Home To Arkansas

I was skeptical of her ability to do the job at first, but boy did she prove me wrong. This woman exemplifies dignity, grace and tough-as-nails determination

Trump — Mexico Doing More For The U.S. Now Than Congress

Dems have allowed themselves to become radicalized, refusing to protect Americans, the rise of socialism within their party, the lack of working on legislation to help the voters

DHS Has Released Nearly 200K Border Crosses And Illegals Into U.S. Over Last Five Months!

Get the feeling we don’t have a say anymore? What could it be the founders had in mind when they wanted us armed?

Trump — The U.S. Has Reached A Signed Agreement With Mexico; Tariffs Are Suspended!

What a bunch of fools in the GOP. They need to be schooled by someone who is not a useless professional politician who does the bidding for the Chamber of Commerce.

Mexico City Deploys 6,000 National Guard Troops To Its Southern Border With Guatemala!!

Migrants in the region have long ignored the opportunities for settlement in Mexico because of the open U.S. border.

Trump Responds After Learning CNN Is Primary Source Of U.S. News OUTSIDE of our Borders

President Donald Trump took aim at CNN on Monday and called on its parent company AT&T to “do something.”

Trump Celebrates LGBT Pride Month And Calls For Decriminalization of Homosexuality In Nations Where It Is Illegal

I remember when Obama went to Africa and told some of the leaders that gay rights should be accepted but they chose not to follow his direction.

President Trump Surprises VA Church On Sunday Morning

We need to pray for him daily. God has blessed us with Trump and we need to thank Him.

Trump To Slap Mexico With 5% Tariff On ALL GOODS And Could Increase If Illegal Immigration Isn’t Stopped!

It’s too bad Congress refuses to do their job and change some of our ridiculous laws as millions of Americans lose a good part of their retirement savings in their 401s.

Trump — I Was Not Involved With Any Hiding Of USS John McCain; Meghan Bashes Anyway!

Trump Denies Involvement in Hiding the USS John McCain: ‘I Was Not Informed’

White House: Pelosi and Dems Have ‘No Proof and No Evidence’ of Any ‘Cover-Up’ by Trump

Deputy press secretary explained exactly why the president continues to take his messages straight to the American people

Trump Responds To Judge Who Ruled Against Diverting Funds From Pentagon To Wall

So some un-elected Californian judge gets to override the president and dictate policy for the entire nation just because they don’t LIKE that policy?

DHS Officials — We’ve Built 42 Miles Of BORDER WALL Since Inauguration, REPLACED Existing Barriers

While I would prefer we build the whole thing, I am ok with beefing up the walls where they’re needed most first

Trump Says Reports He Had A Temper Tantrum — Is A Lie!

They might get their impeachment along straight party lines, but Trump will be reelected handily in 2020.

Trump Directs Intel Agency To Work With DOJ To Declassify Docs Pertaining To 2016 Surveillance Activities

The president has repeatedly sought an investigation into the efforts of the FBI to spy on his campaign during the 2016 presidential race

Trump Ends Meeting With Dems And Holds Unscheduled Press Conference!

What is “best for America” is not even on the Democrats radar. They are worse than blind because they are simply programmed to sabotage America

Trump — If Congress Doesn’t Pass USMCA, Don’t Think About Infrastructure Deal

The Democrats one and only objective is to find something, anything to make the President look bad.

Trump Reminds PA Voters — “And Don’t Forget: Biden Deserted You”

“He left you for another state, and he didn’t take care of you,” Trump said.