[VIDEO] Legal Scholar Johnathan Turley Testifies ‘I’m Not a Trump Supporter…This Impeachment Woefully Inadequate and Dangerous’

Once again, Nadler has no “fact witnesses.” He’s presenting anti-Trump academia professors who are in favor of impeachment. WTH?

[VIDEO] Behar Offers Creepy Perverted Theory For Kellyanne’s Marriage In-Fighting

The women of ABC’s “The View” know a lot about dysfunctional relationships filled with fighting and backstabbing so it’s no wonder that they chimed in on the marriage of Kellyanne and George Conway.

[VIDEO] Trump Shows You How To Answer Those Who Gossip About You And Get Caught!

Nobody would dare laugh openly at Barack Obama for fear of the racist backlash. Rest assured, he was the bigger joke. Macron wasn’t laughing when Trump started talking about tariffs.

House Dems Plan To Vote To Restore The “Full” Voting Rights Act

Folks, voter fraud, is a severe problem in the United States, and anyone who says otherwise is a liberal.

[VIDEO] Watters Humiliates Williams With Facts ‘Impeachment Underwater in Every Swing State’

I thought the Kavanaugh stunt would go down as the greatest political disaster of all time. Little did we know Dems were about to say, “hold my beer” and actually top themselves.

‘False And Defamatory!” Nunes Sues CNN For $435M Over Ukraine Story

It’s undoubtedly not going to go away if Nunes is successful. Still, perhaps he can help restore a bit more balance to an industry that right now

[VIDEO] Cold Feet? Nervous-Looking Schiff Says He Has to ‘Consult With His Colleagues’ Before Committing to Impeachment

After a failed 2-week public hearing, negative polling, and low-ratings, Schiff is not feeling quite so jolly and confident about impeachment.

She’s Done! Kamala Harris Drops Out Of 2020 Presidential Race After Miserable Polling Numbers

Harris was once considered a front-runner in the crowded Democratic field but saw her campaign eclipsed by rivals such as Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg.

Report: Washington Post Gets Skewered For Attacking Melania Trump’s Beautiful Christmas Outfit 

Our fake news propaganda media is the most hateful, bitter, envious, mean-spirited secular ghouls around.

Report: Barbra Streisand Thinks The Founding Fathers Created ‘Impeachment’ To Stop President Trump 

That great “political thinker” Barbra Streisand is at it again…

[VIDEO] Report Says Barr Will Reject IG Findings, Signals John Durham Report is ‘Where The Action is’

The IG report is due to out next week, but there are deep disagreements behind the scenes. Barr is signaling Durham has found something “criminal”

Ethical Lapses? Chicago Rookie Mayor Fires Retiring Police Superintendent

Hey, let’s look at all the good he did for Chicago and the Force. None of that was mentioned. One incident — big deal. I hope he will not lose any of his pension and other benefits.

[VIDEO] Biden Staffer Scolds Small, Very Low-Energy Crowd ‘Come On, You Can Do Better Than That!’ 

I gotta admit, this is hard to watch…Turns out there’s a lot of “malarkey” on the “No Malarakey” tour after all.

Report: Hunter Biden Lawyer Quits As Judge Demands Three Years Of Tax Returns

Actually, from what I have read, Hunter flat out denied he was the father and refused a single dime until the judge forced him to do a paternity test.

Report: Nancy Pelosi Playing ‘President’ Overseas, Vows U.S. is ‘In” on International Climate Change Pact

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is overseas acting like she’s the President of The United States.

Opinion: Online Bully George Conway Attacks His Wife Kellyanne and it Instantly Backfires in His Face

Little twerp George Conway has been coming increasingly unhinged.

Report: Activists Want to Rename ‘Climate Change’ To Something More ‘Panicky’ Sounding 

Remember when the climate experts said Polar Bears would go extinct? There are so many Polar Bears, it’s absurd.