Blumenthal Reintroduces Legislation To Protect Journalists From Harm After Meme Video!

Sen. Blumenthal’s bill would include up to six years for any attack on journalists/news gatherers that leads to “serious bodily injury.” 

Fox News Judge Napolitano Backs Dems ‘Soviet-Style’ Impeachment Efforts ‘It’s Constitutional’

Shepard Smith might be gone, but his spirit lives on in anti-Trump loser Judge Napolitano.

[VIDEO] Dems Use Guards to Block GOP Lawmakers From Entering ‘Soviet-Style’ Secret Impeachment Hearings

What’s happening in the House of Representatives is criminal and unconstitutional. The Democrats are using their power to block and intimidate duly elected officials who represent “we the people” from having access to so-called “impeachment hearings.”

Obama Just Endorsed ‘Racist and Sexist’ Justin Trudeau, But Still Won’t Endorse His VP Joe Biden LOL

Today, former President Barack Obama meddled in Canada’s election by offering up a very unusual endorsement of a foreign leader.

Leftists Mock Melania Trump Even When There’s Nothing to Mock Her for — Here’s the Latest Example

Too many people who don't agree with the president go after our first lady for their own political reasons

[VIDEO] Beto’s a Deer Caught in Headlights as CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Absolutely Wrecks His ‘Gun Confiscation Plan’

When you’re a progressive Democrat candidate and you’re so awful that you’ve actually lost CNN, there’s nowhere left to go.

Opinion: Trump Outsmarted Everyone on Syria

Trump tackles negotiations with world leaders the same way he’d handle a heated boardroom negation. First, he thinks outside of the box and next, he uses whatever tool necessary to put his opponent on the defense.

Adam Schiff Just Walloped With Two Ethics Complaints Over That 2017 ‘Ukraine’ Prank Call

Two separate ethics complaints have been filed against Schiff for the Russian prank phone call that duped him back in 2017

Trump Cruising to ‘Easy Win’ in 2020, According to 3 Highly-Accurate Election Analysis Reports ‘Steamrolls the Competition’

The three models show Trump getting at least 289 electoral votes and as many as 351, assuming there is average turnout for the election.

Grab Your Popcorn: Angry Progressives Roast AOC on Twitter for Endorsing Just Another ‘Old White Guy’ ‘

That’s right, the progressive feminist who is always preaching “girl power” and “diversity” just endorsed another old white guy. Womp, womp.

[VIDEO] Social Media Skewers Joe After He Claims People ‘Clip Coupons’ in the ‘Stock Market’ During Disastrous Debate

During last night’s Democrat debate, Biden was stammering and confused, as he attempted to address a question on capital gains taxes – and then things went very, very wrong. 

Opinion: October 18, 2016 Anti-Trump ‘Coup’ Leaders and ‘Whistleblower’ Had Lunch Together at The State Dept.

The luncheon for Matteo Renzi plays out like a bad game of “Clue,” with all the evil characters assembled in one room on the eve of a catastrophic event (Trump’s win).

Minneapolis Mayor Says Trump Supporters Made Him ‘Feel Like a Woman’ After Rally Ruckus

Mayor Frey talked about his “trashy” DM’s and how Trump supports have made him feel like a woman.

Joe Biden on Tuesday Night Defends His Son’s Business Dealings

Fourth Democratic presidential debate produced some fireworks, some defiance — and some controversy

Rand Paul Goes to War With MSNBC Host During Combative Segment

Paul attempted to answer her question but she cut him off and said he was deflecting. The segment went back and forth, with Rule showing her clear bias as a news anchor.

[VIDEO] Hunter Tries So Hard to Squeeze Out Tears and ‘Cry’ During ‘Emotional Moment’ But Couldn’t Pull it Off

Our favorite part of the Hunter Biden interview, was when he tried so hard to squeeze out tears and “cry” during his so-called “emotional moment,” but he just couldn’t pull it off.

[VIDEO] Mark Levin Exposes ‘Shady Stock Deals’ That Made Nancy Pelosi a Multi-Millionaire

Levin exposed a large IPO deal made back in March, 2008, involving credit card giant Visa, and a “questionable” stock deal that Nancy Pelosi made that helped turn her into a millionaire.

[VIDEO] Rand Paul Slams ‘The View’ Loudmouths, ‘You Can’t Get a Word in Edgewise. Those Women go on and on Yelling and Screaming’

Rand Paul is slamming those hysterical harpies on ABC’s ‘The View,” after he appeared on the show and could hardly get a word in edgewise, thanks to the hyper-emotional screaming and yelling from the hosts.