DHS Has Released Nearly 200K Border Crosses And Illegals Into U.S. Over Last Five Months!

Get the feeling we don’t have a say anymore? What could it be the founders had in mind when they wanted us armed?

Dems Angry Trump Attending 4th Of July At Lincoln Memorial

Trump’s plans are being criticized not only for imposing a burden on the city logistically, but also for political reasons.

Trump — The U.S. Has Reached A Signed Agreement With Mexico; Tariffs Are Suspended!

What a bunch of fools in the GOP. They need to be schooled by someone who is not a useless professional politician who does the bidding for the Chamber of Commerce.

Trump ‘Indefinitely’ Suspends Tariffs Against Mexico

With pressure from the president, that country now has agreed ‘to take strong measures to stem the tide of migration,’ he announced Friday night on social media

Alec Baldwin Swears Off His Trump Impression Forever

Time will tell whether the Emmy-winning ‘SNL’ actor will keep to this heartfelt declaration — see why he made this decision

Trump Tells Ingraham That Pelosi ‘Is a Disgrace’ and Biden ‘Doesn’t Get’ China

During an exclusive interview on ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ the president talked of the Dems — and of America’s new progress

Mexico City Deploys 6,000 National Guard Troops To Its Southern Border With Guatemala!!

Migrants in the region have long ignored the opportunities for settlement in Mexico because of the open U.S. border.

Pelosi Said She Wants to See Trump in Prison

House speaker apparently rejected the notion of impeachment — and instead declared this option to fellow Democratic leaders

Two WWII Veterans Reflect on Life, Death, and ‘God Bless America’

LifeZette talked exclusively to an Army vet and a Navy vet, both of New York, as we commemorate the 75th anniversary this week of the D-Day landings at Normandy

Biden Busted for Plagiarism Charges on Climate Change Plan

‘Several citations … were inadvertently left out of the final version of the 22-page document’ released Tuesday, the campaign explained to the news media

D-Day and 10 Other Incredible Military Battles

On June 6, 1944 — 75 years ago — nearly 160,000 troops landed on five beaches across the heavily fortified coast of Normandy

Five Great Ways to Beat Back Job Stress

You don’t have to know a thing about meditation to live your life free of frustration, worry or chaos — check out these savviest tips

Trump Responds After Learning CNN Is Primary Source Of U.S. News OUTSIDE of our Borders

President Donald Trump took aim at CNN on Monday and called on its parent company AT&T to “do something.”

Trump Celebrates LGBT Pride Month And Calls For Decriminalization of Homosexuality In Nations Where It Is Illegal

I remember when Obama went to Africa and told some of the leaders that gay rights should be accepted but they chose not to follow his direction.

President Trump Surprises VA Church On Sunday Morning

We need to pray for him daily. God has blessed us with Trump and we need to thank Him.

Michael Moore Loses It When Trump Prays for Virginia Beach Victims

President made a stop at a church on Sunday afternoon and a Hollywood liberal has nothing but criticism

Virginia Beach Shooting: The Suspect, a ‘Disgruntled’ Employee, Is Identified

Officials held an emotional news conference on Saturday

Donald Trump to Award Presidential Medal of Freedom to Economist Art Laffer on June 19

He’s ‘one of the most influential in American history’