President Trump And First Lady To Attend George H.W. Bush State Funeral

The President and First Lady were notified late last night of President George H.W. Bush’s passing

Trump Rebukes Mueller Probe And Gang Of Angry Dems Over Phony Witch Hunt!

If ever there was a time in our countries history for a Commander and Chief it’s now, the enemy is within and terrorizing American citizens

Mia Loves Calls Out Trump, Republican Party — No Real Relationships, Just Convenient Transactions

If Republicans really wanted minority voters, they would go after them and show why conservative values are better.

Flashback 2013: Border Troops Pepper Spray 100 Migrants Trying To Enter Port Illegally, Under Obama

Democrats lose their mind when we remind them what Barack Obama and that nobody called out.

Jeffrey Lord — CNN Must ‘Be Very Careful’ What ‘They Wish For With These New Rules

Leftists with their anti-authoritarian education completely ruined everything and they know it.

Dershowitz — Mueller’s Report Will Paint “Political Devastating” Picture Of Trump

This is all about political destruction, which is why it has gone on for years.

REPORT: Kelly and Nielsen Were Against Border Agents To Use Lethal Force Against Possible Attacks

If they start attacking American border officials, they have earned whatever force is needed

Martin — Democrats Should Go Into Southern States And Make Pitch To Poor White People

Martin took a page from President Trump’s campaign “What do you have to lose,” to poor white southern voters

Pompeo Doubles Down — Caravans Will Not Be Permitted To Enter The U.S.

Democrat politicians organize and finance these caravans of invaders for the purpose of organizing them into fraudulent voters.

Pompeo To Warmongering Media — “America First, The World Is A Dangerous Place”

Sec. Pompeo said in addition to beginning with “America First!” and “The world is a very dangerous place!

Trump Responds To Chief Justice Roberts — You’re Wrong, There Are Obama Judges

Of course, there are biased judges for Bush and Obama.

REPORT — Trump Tried To Order Prosecution of Clinton, Comey

Trump sought to order the legal action against his 2016 presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton

Border Troops Given WH “Green Light” To Use Force Against Arriving Caravan

Posse Comitatus is to keep The Military from being used as a Police against American Citizens only.

Gowdy Sends Letter To General Kelly; Wants Info On Ivanka’s Use Of Personal Email

Gowdy is just going through the motions and he knows it.

Reporters That Cover The White House Receive Code of Conduct Rules On How To Act

We The People deserve better from a press that is protected under the Constitution.

WH Changes Mind, Will Not Revoke Acosta Pass After Temporary Restraining Order Runs Out

I am disappointed they chose to do this. Either follow through or don’t make the threat.

Fearful Democrat Senators File Lawsuit Challenging Appointment of Whitaker As Acting AG

Progressive Dems have truly lost their minds….just like a 2-year toddler they are stomping, screaming.

UPDATE: CNN Says Lawsuit Against WH Is No Longer Necessary After Acosta Pass Restored

It is embarrassing to see “aggressive” journalists haranguing government leaders in such formal environments.