DoD Report: In U.S. Absence, ISIS has Been Rebuilding in Syria

As the report iterated, after taking territory back from ISIS, local forces still need support to help build credibility with local populations

An Assault-Style Rebuttal to the Gun Control Debate

Yet the irrational fear of guns has been stoked by many on the left, to the point that “military-style” isn’t the giggle-inducing phrase it should be.

Confiscate My Gun Because a Criminal Misuses One? What’s to Stop You from Taking Away My Car Also?

How irrational is it, if you feel people are at such risk of “gun violence,” to take away the people’s right to the most practical means of self-defense.

Trump to Survivors at the Hospital in Dayton: ‘You Had God Watching — We’re with You All the Way’

President and first lady spent time in Ohio on Wednesday, visiting with those wounded in the tragedy this past weekend

Trump Tells O’Rourke to ‘Be Quiet,’ Spars with Obama Ahead of El Paso Visit

Gun control and mass shootings figure to be hot political topics in the months ahead and especially as the 2020 race heats up.

Trump Blasts Beto O’Rourke for His Outrageous Comments, Tells Him to ‘Be Quiet’ About El Paso Visit

Commander-in-chief heads to two grieving communities today, in Texas and Ohio — and pushes back on those who insist on calling him a ‘racist’ and slamming the office of the presidency

Peter Strzok Actually Files a Lawsuit Against the FBI and the Justice Department

Former bureau employee who regularly ripped Donald Trump asserts that his ‘free speech’ and ‘due process rights’ were trampled

Donald Trump Lashes Out At Barack Obama For Making Comments Condemning Him

Earlier in the day on Monday, Trump spoke out to condemn the “racism, bigotry and white supremacy” in a speech given from the White House.

Trump: Far Left’s Destructive Agenda’ Has Destroyed Inner Cities

He is the only president in my lifetime that can get things done in the face of hate, and lies and mainstream media

Sen. Lindsey Graham: ‘The People to Blame Are the Shooters and Nobody Else’

We’ve talked to the cops, and we’re trying to come up with a serious solution to a serious problem.

Trump’s Language Blamed Again: After Democrat Tim Ryan Points Fingers at the President, Neil Cavuto of Fox News Blasts Him

Ryan replied, “I believe that the president is most certainly creating an environment here where people like this kid in El Paso drive 10 hours to go kill Mexicans

U.S. Military Makes Biometric ID Cards Simple, Easy, Cheap, and Available to Everyone

A properly executed biometric ID system would allow the U.S. government to avoid asking any awkward questions during a census.

Dem Double Standards on Shootings Tops Monday Briefing

The Democratic Socialists of America came to Georgia this last weekend for a convention only to see it fall into farce.

President Trump Says Blockading Venezuela a Possibility

Such a move does have potential in moving things in the right direction for the impoverished, crisis-ridden nation.

Not Fair to Blame the President for Shootings by ‘Sick, Sick People,’ Declares Acting White House Chief of Staff

He also defended Trump against claims that the president’s sometimes tough words encouraged white nationalists and other racist groups

Gun Violence Against Innocents ‘Will Not Define Us,’ Vows El Paso Mayor Dee Margo

Speaking to Chris Wallace of ‘Fox News Sunday,’ leader of border community in the Lone Star State praises the work of law enforcement in stopping a shooter’s actions as quickly as possible

ANTIFA Vows Action For Border Resistance In Texas — Lt. Gov Says Don’t Show Up

Want to end Antifa, pass laws that prohibit being masked during a protest or march on public streets or property.

Rapper Spurns Harris, Booker: I Don’t Trust Black Leadership That Wants To De-Arm Black People

Socialism has taken over the once proud Democrat Party, and the constant attempt to change the Second Amendment is heating up again with new guerrilla tactics.