Opinion: America Can’t Survive Under This Two-Tiered Justice System

No nation can’t survive a two-tiered justice system

Democratic Candidates On Back Burner Again As Media Forced To Cover Trump’s Pardons

Rod Blagojevich is a corrupt, criminal politician. But he did not deserve 14 years for doing what all the other Democrats do every day. Obama just wanted revenge,

Opinion: Sanders Is Trying To Seize This Moment But Americans Won’t Buy His Con!

Sanders is a con man. If he believed what he was preaching, he wouldn’t have millions and three houses. Period. And his family would not have benefited from his power, financially.

[VIDEO] Newly Freed Rod Blagojevich Has a Message For His Fellow Democrats About How They Treat President Trump

President Trump is a fair leader who looks at corruption the same way regardless of who s being punished

[VIDEO] Watch This Amazing Moment When Trump’s Policies Freed a Man That Obama Refused to Help

Trump’s First Step Act helped free a man that Obama refused to help.

Report: Bernie Sanders Claims His “Mean Supporters” are “Fake” During Testy Interview

Bernie Sanders is now claiming any supporters who are “mean” are probably “fake”

Report: Hillary Clinton Gives Very Interesting Response to Rumors She’ll be Bloomberg’s VP

We recommend taking any comments Crooked Clinton makes with a grain of salt…

Trump-Haters Take Out their Anger and Frustration Over Successful Daytona 500 Event on Melania

Liberals are like rabid dogs – running around aimlessly looking for someone to bite