Trump — Rep. Ilhan Omar CONTROLS Rep. Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi is insecure with herself so this should play for a few months as Omar’s actions will be looked out more and more as her political star rises

Are We Really Wrong To Say Americans Will Never Forget Who Attacked Us On 9/11?

Let me say with everything that is inside of my heart; you don’t need to incite violence against someone like Omar.

Pelosi Continues to Stress She’s Worried About Omar’s Safety After 9/11 Comments

Rather than addressing the problems the young Democrat from Minnesota is causing, the House speaker blames President Donald Trump

Pence To Venezuela Ambassador — Go Home And Tell Maduro His Time Is Up

Our VP just earned everyone’s respect. He does have it in him. I do believe the Dems felt he was a pushover.

Trump Calls “Fake News” On NBC News DHS Pardon Story!

Imagine any other Republican POTUS having to put up with the daily onslaught of lies and slander Trump gladly endures

Fed Appeals Court Stops Judge’s Order To Hold Up Trump’s Caravan Asylum Policy!!!

The main reason for Trump’s policy is to respond to the southern border crisis that has overwhelmed the ability of border officials to detain caravan members.

The Masters Golf Tournament: Different from All Other Sporting Events

Check out the vivid history of the Georgia competition as this year’s is well underway — and all those lucky enough to have graced its greens

Illinois Senate Threatens POTUS — Show 5 Years Of Taxes Returns Or We’re Pulling Name From Ballot

Democrats don’t care about the economy or how great America is doing. They want to destroy President Trump along with his family and friends.

Trump Confirms — Releasing Detained Illegals Into Sanctuary City Only Is Under Consideration!

I would also love to see one of the activists knock on Pelosi’s door every five minutes and ask for a snack for the illegals

Georgetown Students Push Measure to Pay Reparations to Slave Descendants

It’s no longer enough to learn from American history in today’s politically correct society, according to some — now we have to pay for it

Trump On Border Crisis — I’m Going To Have To Call Up More Military

President Trump is not going to lose this battle, and he will use everything at his disposal to assure that.

Napolitano On Trump’s Talk Of Exoneration — ‘Must be Some Evidence of Something in There’

I have argued for a couple of weeks that the Barr summary – the four-page attorney general summary – did not say no evidence of conspiracy.

Trump — I Won’t Read The Mueller Report Because I Won!

This is serious stuff, it’s never happened before in the USA. Trump should go on record as to what should happen if these traitors are found guilty.

Brad Parscale About Trump in 2020: He’s ‘Building One of the Largest Political Campaign Operations in History’

Campaign manager, speaking on ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ said others now want to copy his methods

Pentagon Awards Contracts To Construction Companies To Build The Wall

The construction would be the first since Trump announced the declaration of a national emergency at the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

Trump — Cages Shown By Media Were Built By Obama Admin, Not By Me

I am sure Snopes will Fact check this as False, because that’s the way they fact check.

Fed Judge BLOCKS Trump From Sending Asylum Seekers Back Across Border Until Cases Processed!

It is truly sad that our legal system has become an activist forum. Something is wrong with the 9th circuits legal perspective when 87% of their cases are overturned.

‘Unplanned’: Why All of Us, Particularly Those Who Are Pro-Life, Must See This Film

‘Abortion is an abomination. Stand up and say something about it. Do something,’ declares a noted pediatrician and child advocate